Monday, October 6, 2014

My Sybil.

We've made the switch from "6 months old" to "almost 7." That's a big one to me. A step further to one. A shift away from infancy and an army crawl to toddlerhood.

How it's happening so fast is beyond me. I feel like everything has been fairly seamless, automatic, as she's gone from sleeping to not sleeping to sleeping again to sitting to eating to crawling. A shining little personality has bloomed seemingly overnight, even if still kept under wraps in front of the outside world.

This morning as she hid her eyes to shield them from the fresh light, I started to laugh at her tiny self pretending to be asleep. And then she giggled, then me, then her, over and over again until I just had to scoop her body up next to mine. I cuddled her close and she lay her head on my chest, then popped it up, ready to explore the day.

When exactly she began to understand the world, to get that spoons are for mouths and floors are for exploring, is beyond me. And while I sometimes wish I could go back to lying on the couch with eight pounds of love passed out on my chest, every day makes me feel like this is the stage, this is my favorite. Because they are. It's how this whole growing up thing doesn't just make me want to break down. Because the truth is, as pure and sweet as those newborn days are, they just keep getting better.