Saturday, August 25, 2012

Something Nice

I got to do something nice this morning. Before the dogs were stirring or the baby cried or the Saturday morning rituals ensued, I got to lace up my shoes and run. My head didn't want to leave my pillow, but my new schedule with baby is wreaking havoc on my sleep. So today I did something positive with that change.

I got to enjoy the cool morning breeze, blowing grey clouds through the softly lightened sky; to awaken with the birds, joining in their "good mornings" with the soft patter of my feet. I got to marvel at the fact that I live in Texas, where seeing an armadillo strolling through your neighborhood is more common than a fox; to appreciate the green grass before it looks completely unhappy in the brutal heat. I got to take the street behind my house, peering through our yard to Declan's window, knowing that my boy was safe and sound in a room made for him. And I got to go alone- no stroller, no dogs, no music, no worries. I got to do something nice this morning, and in doing so, say hello to myself.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Some Tidbits

I'd love to write an inspired, thoughtful post full of deep remarks and possibly some photos, but my computer died. Major boo. It's going to the Mac doctor in a day or two to see if it's a just one hundred buckaroos to make it better or if it's had its final hoorah. Being without it puts a damper on my writing brain, as well as takes away some photos that I've been meaning to post. So instead I will write some tidbits from my life this week to tuck away for future reference.

{1} Declan slept through the night three times a few weeks ago. And not the technical (aka fake) sleep through the night defined as "six hours of straight night sleep." Nope, it was a hardy 8:00-6:00 z-time. But alas, it was a tease. He just wanted to stretch his wings, show me what he could do, and then slowly regress from a 4:30 to 3:30 to 2:30 wake-up time. He's great once fed and goes right back to sleep, so I'm really not complaining much, but getting that brief glimpse of a rockstar sleep pattern has taken away the shimmer of this good one. In time, in time.

{2} We went a whole summer without going to a pool, and in the course of one week have now been in three different ones a total of four times. He loves it.

{3} The mornings recently have been slightly chilled. Beautiful glimpses of fall, my absolute favorite season that I am itching to start. Once again though, I'm trying that patience thing out and soaking in as much of summer as I can before its gone.

{4} My go-to summer nail polish this year has been a funky orange-coral. Crisp and colorful, it's simply perfect for summer.

{5} Chocolate chips do not make it in this house for long. Apparently I've decided that the extra calories needed for Declan must come from cocoa. It's another love/hate cycle, much like the brownie eating.

{6} A few weeks ago I was praying to lose all my extra pregnancy hair since it was just so thick. (For those who don't know, apparently there is a hormone that keeps you from losing hair in pregnancy, so coupled with prenatals, you have a gloriously shiny, thick mane.) Anyway, I lost it. In handfuls all week. And all of a sudden I feel almost bald. A bit dramatic, but it's definitely thinner.

{7} I bought baby shoes for Declan today. He's never worn any, probably never will, but at $1.99 they were just too adorable to resist. So resist I did not.

{8} Newsroom on HBO is amazingness. I'm sad to see it ending, but can't wait for some Parenthood to start!

{9} I just had to open my back-up travel ketchup because we are out. That should never happen.

So once again, I leave with some randomness. Happy week!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Write #48

I'm sitting at this desk simply because I promised myself I would. There's a baby in rare form who doesn't want to go to sleep beckoning for help every few minutes. I just got done rocking and nursing him to sleep (for the second time) but he's wanting a bit more lovin' tonight. The boy just got done with his first swim class a few hours ago, so of course he's a bit tired. Sleeping in the car to and from places throws off his rhythm occasionally, and tonight was one of those occasions. 

On a completely different note, I just ate thirty-two square inches of these delicious butterscotch brownies. Well, in the last twenty-four hours that is. I lack self control when it comes to snacking, which is partially what made me choose veganism. I'm not often confronted with less than healthy options, so when I am I am free to devour them without a thought. But that's not a good thin when one Monday night I am craving a brownie, head in to the kitchen to bake some sweet goodness, and find myself polishing off half by Tuesday. And sadly, this is not my first ride on that train. I am often a bit disgusted while obsessively eating it, but I keep cutting slivers and just can't stop and am hungry and needing fuel to make the kale that I really want but oooh it's so good. So instead of enjoying it fully with a nice portion on a plate, I keep saying I will stop at this last bite and am frustrated with myself for not stopping. Then I eat another bite. Grrr-ah! Anyway, I just ate a lovely plate of kale, sauteed yellow squash, avocado, tofu scramble, and black beans, so my tummy is full and I have no craving for any more brownie. I also was wise and put the extra helping(s) in the freezer, so tomorrow morning I will not have to use herculean efforts to avoid it. 

To add to the randomness of my thoughts, yesterday in postnatal yoga we were all going through the opening of centering yourself and getting your intentions focused when my baby starts to chuckle. Not just his typical wispy "heeeh"s, but trying to let out a belly laugh sounds. So of course I had to laugh in response. Is that not a human impulse?! Luckily it's a class designed for interacting with your baby, but typically that revolves around taking care of their needs. It was delightful, and while it threw off my practice for the day, it has stuck around much more happily in my mind then if I had rocked my yoga socks off. So if you have not heard a baby learning to laugh, please do. Find a baby, any baby, and stalk it until it does. Sweetest sound ever. 

And on that note, I have not heard any less sweet sounds from my now slumbering boy, so I will take my tired self to bed. Good night moon, and good night you :)

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Photos- 11,12,13

My boy hit three months last Friday. Three months of amazing changes and joy, smiles and hugs, diaper changes and naps. I can't believe how fast it has flown, yet I also can't see how fourteen weeks ago I had yet to feel his warm weight in my arms. So much has happened in this short time between the two of us, and I look back in disbelief that I didn't love him this deeply. But as I knew would happen, the more his personality shone through, the harder I fell. So keep it coming sweet baby. This is one fantastic ride.

And now some weekly photos:

Reminds me a bit of a white boy dance face. Just add a little "mmmche-mmmche" club beat. 
**Week 12 brought two big changes to the photos- he now dons a 3-6 month onesie and also sports a cloth diaper (making him have some mad booty).**

Happy Monday!

(To see past photos, click here!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Old Twenty-Five

There have been times when I realized I'm getting old. They have been harder to come by for me since I'd pick board games over bars, babysitting instead of a party, or visiting family over a vacation in Mexico. (You got yourself a real fun gal here Peyton! One who would say "fun gal" and just nail it home...) I like healthy choices and find that making them is fun and gratifyingly youthful. Yet there have been those moments when it is confirmed that I am adding on the years. Like birthdays. Or when I check the 25-35 box on surveys. Or when I, eight weeks post-partum, decide to play soccer with a group of high schoolers. (Now that was a good time.) But nothing prepared me for having a baby and realizing that while I am young, oh so young, in his eyes I am always going to be old.

I think most people who've had a good childhood can relate. As a child your parents are gods. They know the rules of life, can make any pain better with a kiss, and can save you from even the scariest monsters in the closet. Add some more years and it's flipped. They don't use video games, or cool phrases, or understand why it's such a big deal that Suzie called Leah who called Elyse to tell her about something that- well, nevermind, they wouldn't even understand what they were calling about in the first place. But you, you've got it all: youth, beauty, and the confidence that, simply put, you know everything. Except for the fact that you too will be old. That everyone who says "they've been there" actually has. That wisdom is growing inside of you but has years to be fully recognized, and once it is, you are wise enough to know that there is so much more to learn.

Believing that my mom and dad were this age once is doable. Realizing that they were as inexperienced at life and marriage and parenthood is tougher. Because they are my parents. They were always old. They held the key and power to teach me. They clearly were given a manual that I have not yet seen.

And now? Well, now that's me. A young twenty-five who will be eternally old to her little boy.

Years from now I can see our children pouring over pictures, possibly even to see who their sweet little resembles, and noting how young we are. How in that click of a camera we were captured at an age that they might have already passed. And they will try to understand what it was like for us, that we were living a life just like theirs but with sillier clothes and hairstyles. And they will consciously relate to the fact that we too once were young. But deep down, it will be inconceivable that we were as clueless as they in the big things in life, that we were trying our best, that we were showering them with love since that's all we were sure would work.

And ya know what? I hope that is what they think. Because that means we did it right.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Some Beautiful People in a Beautiful Place

When Declan was just an itty-bitty five weeks old we were lucky enough to be welcomed to Pensacola by my cousin Andrew and his lovely girlfriend Kim. We savored five days of beach, sun, sailing, good food, and even better people. Leaving was hard, but knowing that more fun will ensue when they come to visit (yes?!) makes it a bit easier. So thank you, thank you, thank you Andrew and Kim for hosting us. Austin demands a trip in return!

Love you guys!