Weekly Photos

Like many bloggers in blogland, we decided to try our hand at weekly photos of Declan. We chose a simple moses basket and white onesie to let his own beauty shine through and create some continuity. We are so glad we've given it the little bit of time each week to watch him develop. We marvel at what a little glow worm he was at the beginning and at how fast arm rolls keep popping up. Plus we get to see his development in little ways, like smiles and finger sucking and soon-to-be sitting up. So here you have it-- the weekly photo roundup!



  1. What a doll! That picture in the snow suit...priceless =)

  2. He is adorable!

    Must be rough that only ONE week involved snow!! (Iowan - born and raised - here.)

  3. Dude, you didn't miss a beat.

    I loved seeing him grow so quickly.. seeing how I missed the first year.

  4. Oh my gosh, ending with a photo of him standing up in his little bassinet? PRICELESS. What a beautiful baby and what an awesome way to capture all of those milestones. I'm still without children (and plan to be for a few more years yet), but I am continuously mesmerized by my friends' babies and watching them evolve from screaming little prunes into wonderful little people. Congrats to you!

  5. I have never seen a time elapse series in a Moses basket. It's too cute. And to end with him standing! aw!


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