Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Hope This Ain't a Jinx...

Remember back when I told you a little secret?
And then I didn't write anything else for two weeks, leaving you all dangling on the edge of your seats?


This little beaut is (almost) ours. Wave hello to the new Casa de Murray.
Ba-da-BING, ba-da-boom baby!

Let's just say the past few weeks have been a little busy, a little full, and are only a prelude to what's coming up. Our current house? Not on the market. Not even ready to knock on the market's doors. We close in two and a half weeks, which happens to coincide perfectly with a favorite Austin event, SXSW, where we welcome seven people into our current abode. Then we turn around and sell that bad boy for lots of money.

Or at least that's the plan.

With all the loan applications, inspections, negotiations, and surprise costs I haven't even sat down to let the reality wash over me. We found this house in a day. Within half an hour of looking. Little bugger jumped us, being finished and beautiful but not listed for another two days. So we dove in head first and are now taking a quick breath.

Our house. OUR house. our house.

Those words just make me purr. Well, those words and these surfaces.

Kinda charming in the sleekest way, no?

That's a tease, I know. There'll be plenty more pics to come. But for now, I'm just soaking in my last weeks in the 'burbs.

Can I get a whu-what!?!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Funday

Oi. Monday morning after a long night. The birds chirping and the sun slowly rising are beautiful and all, but it's like they are rubbing the roughness of the last six hours in my face. Besides me feeling a bit negligent right now and wanting to hug my baby a bit tighter, all is well and he is fast asleep. But still. OI to Mondays!

Luckily I have a good weekend behind me complete with pictures to look back on. That makes even the worst Monday shine a bit brighter. 

Saturday was one of those much needed rest days where besides going to music class, the three of us just holed up at home. After being out of the house for seven out of the past nine nights, I was so ready for this breed of relaxation. Home-cooked meals, a nap with the baby, and snuggling to finally catch up on last week's Downton hit the spot. 

Sunday was the opposite, but also so good.

We began with chais and mochas by Town Lake to bid farewell to the lovely Matt and Molly, some of our absolute favorites. 

{declan was not too pleased to hear those two were leaving}
The plan is for them to move here, have lots of babies, and hang out with me and Declan all day. 
Sounds perfectly reasonable and totally awesome, right?

Declan then squeezed in a nap to get his game face on for a fundraiser done the proper Austin way.
Indoor/outdoor bar, Fritos pie in a bag, raffles, and live music. Who could ask for more?!

Well, we could. That's why we got some Elyse, Dianna, raffle prizes, and moscow mules in red mugs,
with a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" thrown in for good measure.

I had my eye on one prize and one prize only- a $100 gift certificate to Midtown Groom & Board. A ninety-pound german shepherd's shedding is nothing to mess with. It is massively complex and leaves little Tegan dogs in each and every corner. And yes, maybe if I brushed her more than every month or so it would get better and maybe it also wouldn't take an hour each time.

But I don't. 
I've come to accept this, and so should you Peytonia! 

When I saw this package I knew it was going to be mine. That was until some dude named John went up to claim it, and my dream three days of clean, groomed Tegan blew away in the wind. But fate is fate and I knew I couldn't let it go that easily. So up I marched to this John fellow, Tegan picture in hand, with a story of how my marriage would fail if my tyrannical husband had to deal with any more fur from that dog. (Not necessarily false, might I add.) And ya know what? He didn't even have a dog, didn't want to hear my story, and just gave the whole box to me! I consider this to be the best weekend gift of any February 17th ever. 

Declan also had some fun sharing a little two-step with the lovely Miss Kim. 

F-U-N. Written all over his little-man face. 

The night ended as Elyse celebrated the raffle she excitedly won but actually didn't by buying a round of shots for all. Poor friend. What are the chances of having more than one Elyse in a room of thirty people?!

So all in all, we had a fantastic time enjoying our city, our friends, and our prizes, but also knowing that our money was going to help the fight against muscular dystrophy. For that I say, winner, winner, tofu dinner!

How was your weekend? Any fun shenanigans? Ever won an awesome raffle prize or just been given it for asking?? You should try. It's pretty grand.

Happy Monday!

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:) :) :) XOXOXO <3<3<3


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo Dump

Most are of a certain someone's baby face. But come on, who doesn't love 'em some baby face?

five, yes five, toofers. number 6 is already a'knockin'

"mom, i think i need glasses."
that right there is a burrito. a burrito so large it is being prepared on a pizza pan. you know what they say about texas... 
there's been quite a bit of this, along with coordinated floor swimming.
that's right, that's bedhead you see. adorable, fuzzy, little-baldy bedhead. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Show Us Some Skin!

During my prolonged college career I switched majors four times. While I ended up with kinesiology, women's studies still holds a place deep in my heart. It called to me, and we courted, but then I realized that the more I knew about society's abundant inequalities the more bitter I became. Not the person I longed to be, my friends. So that affair sailed away.

But those few years of classes were such a groundbreaking experience for me in many ways. I learned how to properly analyze, to question what is assumed to be the norm, and to accept that people truly come in all shapes and sizes. 

Our culture sets standards for both men and women that are unrealistically high but typically are even higher for women. We all know that body image is a huge deal to chicas all over, causing daily suffering with extremes of eating disorders and plastic surgery. It is a sad, sad world we live in when people can't feel comfortable with who they are, especially when they are healthy individuals both inside and out. 

Because of this, I was interested to see this link that shows where our "beautiful" comes from. 

The answer? Photoshop. 

Okay. So maybe we have heard this a time or two, but it still helps me to see just how much the computers do. To remember that these are real people with loads of veneer on top. To see that our unattainable pop culture goals are unattainable because they are fake. 

We should probably take a stand against these things. Any of us might have a daughter who will feel inadequate before she's even hit puberty or a son who expects women to have teeny-tiny ribs, big chests, and not a spot on their face. Who knows if taking action would change these standards. But I am pretty sure that many of us would feel a bit more beautiful seeing that our smile lines and arm flab are normal and real. 

And to get in on this day of hearts, we wish all of you lovelies a very happy Valentine's Day. 
Here's a little chuckle from our house to yours. 

And as an added bonus, check here for some adorable kiddos spilling a bit about young love. 
I especially like the laugh 1:20 in.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Housing a Secret

I've got a little secret...

We put a bid in on a house yesterday.

Wanna see...?
It may not be everybody's cup o' tea, but we think it's adorable and charming and drips Austin out of it's mortar. Plus it's in the city, walkable to parks, a library, and a drive-in movie theater. Because, as we all know, walking distance to a drive-in is clearly an important key to house-hunting.

Anyway, we were pretty hooked. So much so that we offered loads of money to someone right now while promising to pay LOADS more for the next thirty years. I might be freaking the freak out if I thought this was actually going to go through. But you know, I'm sure we will get the call that five other people want this same house and are willing to give up their third and fourth children to get it. (And peeps, that ain't an option here. We are having a girl come hell or high water.)

In reality... I'm more than a bit antsy. You know, checking my email like a fat kid hit the stores when Twinkies went under and losing sleep over whether or not there is a spot for a refrigerator. (Because it makes total sense to gut and redo a house without a spot for a fridge. Sane moment, Christina, sane moment.)

After not taking pics during our pre-listing glimpse the other day, I sat around all morning refreshing the computer to see if dream house number 1 had been listed. It, of course, had not, and our realtor still had no word. So instead of eating good, healthy food, I drank coffee and chewed my nails and refreshed, refreshed, refreshed.


By 10:30 the caffeine had hit and I was like a hamster on a wheel. Except sitting. And not being productive. Or releasing any nervous energy. So when the call came in that it was time to go, my jittery, coffee-filled, empty-stomached self was barely containable. Not the best way to start your second date with the house you're trying hard to woo, but it seemed to take it in stride. We looked good together, even it could see that.

So we bid. And now sit around waiting to hear that we didn't get it. Or that we did!! That can happen too, right?! I mean, people live in houses so it MUST happen on occasion. It's totally nerve-wracking, but probably not even close to as much as it will be if and when we realize we have to actually move. That's the hyperventilate, procrastinate, and become a hoarder type of nerve-wracking.

Fingers crossed over here! What about you? Remember the first time you bought, or tried to buy, a house?? Was it sweaty palm induced panic or hours spent perusing Pinterest for decorating ideas?

Cheers to happy weekending!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Goals for 26

Isn't resolution-making just a teeny bit fun? Don't you get giddy when you make the golden goal that you actually keep or at least laugh at the absurdity of some of your aspirations? Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking there must be something addictive in the process of resolution-creating since most people make them and then quickly forget. It's even just satisfying to go back like a journal: see where you were in life, what you were focused on, figure out what you are and aren't good at, and just learn to accept simple things about yourself.

So I'm pretty glad that I wrote these little goobers last year. Here's a quick rundown:

1. Organize the house.... somewhat.
2. Keep the house clean.... somewhat.
3. Walk with Peyton at least 4 times a week.... hahaha.
4. Take more pictures.... CHECK!
5. Blog said pictures.... mini check!
6. Be better about friend's birthdays.... somewhat.
7. Join a CSA or plant a garden.... check!
8. Don't just pin, DO!.... somewhat.
9. Stick to a budget.... Not laugh worthy, but somewhat is a bit too kind too.
10. Improve landscape.... somewhat. 

Yeeeea girrrrl! 3/10 checks?! Maybe I just have low expectations, but I think that kind of rocks. I mean, writing these is one thing, actually putting them into action? Puh-lease. We all know what happens when that's the next step.

And beyond that, there is not a resolution on my list that hasn't had some improvement. Parts of the house are much more organized and much cleaner; we walk more than we used to; when I look around I see quite a few crafty pinspired creations; and we just had a landscaper come in to help give us estimates! So what if they aren't all checks?! I'm still pleased as punch that they were not long forgotten and truly laughable.

And now comes the learning part. While I am clearly excited by my barely adequate follow-through of last year's hopes, I also see that maybe I was a bit too focused. Since we were able to scratch each one to some degree, maybe the key for me is to be a bit broader. So what, in my 26th year, will make me happiest?

1. Creating.
I'd like to spend an hour a day doing something creative, whether that be crafting, cooking, or writing. I always feel rejuvenated after getting those juices flowing. 

2. Exercising.
30 minutes a day. Can be any form, from stretching to walking to yoga to strength. Just something physical to get the blood pumping. 

3. Cleaning.
Not giving up on this bad boy! But I'm going to count tidying up and working outdoors too so as not to overwhelm myself too much. An hour a day, maaaybe? 

Hopefully these will give me a few simple ideas when I'm sitting around bored, as well as make me feel more accomplished at the end of the day. I think stay-at-home-momdom can leave one feeling a little lackluster, especially since the work done is often unquantifiable and rarely rewarded. Now I have a tiny checklist for a few gold stars.

Now what about you fine friends. Any new years resolutions? Do you like big and broad, or specific and narrow? Are you a rare bird that actually follows-through?! If so, please dish. Any advice is appreciated.