One of the bittersweet parts of being vegan is the fact that you have to cook- a lot. Fortunately, we enjoy spending time in the kitchen (at least before the meal) and would love to help get you started as well. Here are some of the recipes that we've tried and loved enough to share. We aren't the best at coming up with our own, but are great at trying others from the world wide web. So if you like something, head over to the listed site to give them a gander as well!


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  1. I have been living the vegan life for a few months now. After reading certain books and taking a look around me... it was the inevitable choice! I'm so glad you have these recipes posted :) If I do cook with some sort of cheese/other non-vegan item, I'll just set some aside for myself before hand. Also- we got the chickens because I love eggs and I absolutely refuse to eat one until I know exactly where it came from, have proof that the chickens are happy and well fed, and well, that it comes straight from my backyard. It's hard work, but it's totally worth it to me. When they lay their first egg (in three months-ish) I'll technically stop being vegan, but I'll still feel like one :)


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