Welcome, welcome! 

I'm Christina, and here goes a flash of my life. 

I'm mama to chunky cheeks Declan and furry pooch Tegan.
I have the lovely privilege of staying home with both of them to help initiate Declan into the pack.

I married mah man, Peyton, on September 25th, 2010.
I'm sure we'd agree that that was one roller coaster of a day, but ain't that life?
It was beautiful in the best ways, and I'd love to go back.

Hometown is Baltimore. You know, the city that made me a Super Bowl champ in 2013. 
I'm guessing my ring just got lost in transit.

I moved to Austin, TX years ago, planned on staying a year and looked at the calendar to see it's been five.
It stole my heart, but never will I ever be a Texan. 

All in all, this blog is a slice of our lives to document changes, discovery, and growth. It has vegan recipes, crafts (when I get around to them), and ramblings on life as moves me. It's not often written in a clean house, nor does it include perfect pictures, but it's done with love and honesty. And in the end, isn't that what truly matters?

I hope you'll take a peek around and connect. I love meeting others through this lovely old land of blogs. :)

Email: themurrayedlife(at)gmail(dot)com

 *For a look at my original post on why we blog, go here.*


  1. your baby boy makes me want one! baby, i mean. ha.
    one thing i love about a blog is how i can see the evolving of life. it's a good reminder for what we've been through. something we would love to read back in the future.

    i'm a football girl. but when i say football, i'm not talking about rugby. whoops.

  2. Declan melts my heart!!
    Tell me... what are your thoughts on pre-arranged marriages? My baby girl is pretty cute! I think she'd totally like Declan ;)

  3. oh. my. gosh! that picture of declan just melted my heart! what a cutie!!

  4. This looks like the exact type of blog I'd love reading with my morning coffee. yay!

  5. Delcan is adorable! I can't wait to check out more of your blog :-)

  6. Omg your little fam is OH so cute! LOVE finding other blog mommy's through Blogtember :)


  7. So excited to have connected! Now it's my turn to blog-stalk a bit. :)


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