Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Photos - 6 Weeks

We've been taking, just not posting! We've decided we want to just post all the weekly photos together every week for comparison, so just skip to the end for the most recent.

(Week 2 had better things going on apparently.)

Now on to watch True Blood!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Twenty-Eight Days In

Our little nugget-- 

You are just a wonderfully sweet boy. You're working harder each day at holding your tiny head up, since we're sure you've realized that better neck control equals advanced ability to hone in on food source. Feeding is thankfully falling into a comfortable rhythm. You are chunking up perfectly, with rolls forming from your chin to your ankles. Even your hands are little fatties. We hesitate to mention that you actually sleep at night in case that jinxes everything. (Knock on wood AND fingers crossed!) 

Wonderful noises come out of you at all times- sweet sucks and sighs when nursing, huge grunts when stretching, small squeaks when sleeping, and hiccups at random intervals in between. Even the dogs are charmed; Tegan and Athena have already nominated themselves as your bodyguards. Luckily their hourly snout-to-face check-ins don't phase you one bit. 

And baby you sure are soaking this world in something fierce. You love staring out windows (yet still sleep on adventures) and quiet down for almost all music. Wakeful hours are increasing as you see what this grand place has to offer. Your eyes are open more, making their future color a constant topic of conversation. Grandma has bets on brown; your dad on green. Only time will tell!

As much as it saddens us to see you growing so fast, each new thing you do makes us fall just a bit harder. So all in all, next month promises to be pretty gosh darn amazing. xoxo

Here are some photos from the past two weeks:

{2w3d: Just catchin' some rays on Memorial Day} 

{2w3d: Pleased to meet ya} 

 {2w3d: Making big boy buddies}

 (2w3d: "I fart in your general direction."}

{2w3d: <3} 

 {2 weeks 4 days}

{3w: First time downtown. Sporting dino jammies for some Jurassic Park}

{3w1d: Waiting for daddy to start his day... Keep on waiting son.}

{3w1d: Taking in grandma} 

 {3w1d: Pure baby deliciousness}

 {3w2d: First farmer's market}

{3 weeks 1 day} 

 {3w2d: Practicing his peek-a-boo creeper...}

{3w4d: Three generations of Staebler love} 

 {3w4d: "I'm sexy and I know it..."}

{3w4d: "... I work out."}

{3 weeks 4 days} 

{3 weeks 4 days} 

{3w4d: Looking up to my momma.} 

{3 weeks 4 days} 

{3w5d: Sumo the guard cat reporting for duty.} 

{3w6d: "Puppies get eight boobies and I'm stuck with two?"}

{3w6d: "Which little piggy did what?"} 

{3w6d: Full belly- Free. Clean diaper- Free. Happiness- Priceless.} 

{3w6d: Ok, figured out what this piggy's doing!} 

{3w6d: "I'm Declan. Mr. Ed I presume?"}

{4w: "See ya' next time!"}


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Photo Project

Like many others in Blogland, we've decided to try our hand at a simple weekly baby photo project. (I say simple, but at week three we've already missed week two, so apparently even taking the five minutes is a bit much...) Anyhoo, we wanted something that compares his growth and development side by side in a pretty uniform manner. Cue a simple white onesie and adorable Moses basket. I'm a sucker for the clean colors that let the baby be the star. I'm not so much a fan of the mosquito assault we undergo each time, but ain't that life? Here's to happy and healthy growing!

Happy Sunday to all and to all a goodnight!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Keeps Me Going

Dear Declan,

As I'm sure you know, breastfeeding isn't going so smoothly right now. You might actually be blind to the fact since your belly is still getting full and your adorable rolls are a-growin', and honestly, I hope you are. It's something you and I should, and hopefully will, enjoy together. So until it clicks I grin and bear it, turn on this song, and think of all the fun in our future. It's smiles put into words.

Always remember sweet boy, "there'll be love, love, love, wherever you go..."

xoxoxo- Your Mama