Monday, March 7, 2011

And Now Introducing... Clementine!

So it may seem strange to start our blog with the one thing we have that is definitely going to leave us. But, with all this cuteness, it only seems fair to share her with you! 

Clementine is our adorable foster pup who has called our house home for the last three weeks. She has already tripled in size, going from a bumbling ball to a long-legged sprouting dog. She has developed her hearing (she wouldn't react to any noises); is still learning to see things (she doesn't seem to have focusing power or any attention span); and has even realized that it's better to pee outside (even if it's only 13 out of 23 of her normal pees... Making progress!). Overall though, she has been a fantastic pup who has claimed our hearts. This might be partly my fault for giving her such an adorable name, or it might be the glorious fact that she sleeps through the night. That's right, from day one, no crying or whining while foster parents sleep. Love love love.

So here's some more of that little lady (at least what we could get of her... She seems to pick her fluffy black coat for pictures to add a little mystery...)

She chews.
Chews some more.
And naps yet again.
Not wanting to be rude, she demanded to say goodbye. 

**Disclaimer: Getting pictures of puppies is tough stuff. These pictures do not give an accurate portrayal of puppy sleep time!

So there she is. The black fruitilicious beauty herself. The bouncy fluff ball of play. And for all those in Austin, the gal for you!



  1. Love it all! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  2. Awwwww.

    The fact that you loved this song... was the best.. but now... so in love with this pup.


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