Monday, June 6, 2011

Laugh a Little

In a wonderful book that I recently finished (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin) I saw a statistic that made me a bit forlorn. Apparently, on any given day, a child laughs an average of 300-400 times while an adult only hits 17.  I understand that slammed with work and responsibilities (such as taking care of these non-listening laughing little children) our lives can't be quite as funny and carefree as they once were. Plus, our brains are a little more mature and able to understand everyday concepts a bit better. Take, for example, an adult compared to this baby:

(Can't help but laugh with her, can ya??)

But to laugh 96% less than we did as children? Ridiculous! So in an effort to raise my daily laughter percentage I settled in on my comfy couch with the puppy at my side to do some research. That's right, for the good of my health and all adult human beings, I found that you can laugh more if you sit around looking at funny prints on for over an hour. And since I understand that most people don't have the will or time to commit to such high pursuits, I've decided to share some of the ones that I found most amusing. So have some laughs and then GET BACK TO WORK! And even then, do keep your daily laugh count in mind. Maybe, if we all get really serious about this, together we can raise that average to 34/day. What do you say?

**After way too much time spent figuring ways to get them posted on here, I've realized that the easiest way is to get YOU there. So simply click here and you should be able to peruse my Pinterest board.**



  1. Thanks for the laughs!! You did the searching for me, so I just got the enjoyment:)

  2. You are so welcome! Glad you enjoyed them!


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