Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Have a New Obsession...

It's called the Antique Mall. It's a huge space with all sorts of vendors that I can, and just did, walk around for hours. Seriously, I had to drag myself out! There is such a fun mix of stuff, from kitchenware to decor to art to clothes. Plus I got to scratch my buy-things-itch without spending too much.

I originally went to find an old blue Mason jar to make this beaut:

{via pinterest}
Back story to the project goes.... About a month ago Peyton and I decided to hold each other to the plan of never leaving dishes in the sink. To some people, this may seem obvious and simple. To us, it was a big deal. Surprisingly, we've been doing an excellent job! The kitchen looks prettier and we feel better when we follow through, so follow through we have. But it's also meant more time at the sink, and the ugly Seventh Generation soap bottle has just been bugging me. So this cute mason jar DIY was just the solution. Until I read about the lids corroding and decided in other pictures I really didn't like the pump top sticking out. So around I perused until I found this gem:

Funky, fun, and a beautiful blue color. It's an old milk of magnesia bottle that cost $7.00. Right now I just have a cork in it, but for practicality I might add a little pour spout in the next few days. I then added this mat:

Nothing too special there, but I had been wanting another one after I washed the floors yesterday and then this guy appeared for just $1.99. Not too shabby, plus it ties in with the soap bottle. And to round off my blue mood I had to snatch this old farmhouse looking bowl for $4.99:

It had me at hello with its charming beaten-up teal paint and dark blue rim. I feel that in its past life it sat on an old wooden table, greeting children with freshly picked strawberries and peaches as they slammed the screen door. Sadly, its life here won't be quite as glamorous, but it will be useful for Peyton as a wallet and change depository after work. No more little piles on the table!

So there was my trip for today. I'm so in love with that place that when I go again, I may never return.


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  1. I love the deep blue, we have dishes that color (from walmart- inexpensive, but great color!)

    I wish that clearing the sink before bed was my biggest kitchen issue! LOL
    I am just so poorly organized, and have too little storage space, so I junk things up rapidly!


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