Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Photo Project

Like many others in Blogland, we've decided to try our hand at a simple weekly baby photo project. (I say simple, but at week three we've already missed week two, so apparently even taking the five minutes is a bit much...) Anyhoo, we wanted something that compares his growth and development side by side in a pretty uniform manner. Cue a simple white onesie and adorable Moses basket. I'm a sucker for the clean colors that let the baby be the star. I'm not so much a fan of the mosquito assault we undergo each time, but ain't that life? Here's to happy and healthy growing!

Happy Sunday to all and to all a goodnight!



  1. Cute photos, I hope you are able to keep it up! Put a weekly reminder in your phone!

    1. Thanks Lee! I'm sure Peyton is on that... Anything he can include his phone in he is on top of in milliseconds!


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