Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly Photos- 8,9,10

We're back and sliding into home life with a two month traveling hiatus. More on the trip to come, but here's a flash on his past three weeks. Declan was a champ the whole time, going on five separate flights without shedding a tear. I'd like to say that this is proof that he's becoming a great big boy (which he is), but know that actually it probably points more to his sweet babyness.

With the Olympics looming, he's been in the mood for training. Head holding is nearly mastered, as is pushing up onto his forearms in tummy time and holding almost all of his weight during assisted stands.  "Declan: Olympics 2028" gear will be available soon. Standing is currently his favorite, as he rocks the most serious face complete with lip pucker. In between these grueling exercises, his smiles are beginning to flow more freely and sometimes are even accompanied by a baby chuckle. We never realized just how amazing it is to hear a baby begin to laugh. It's a sound we all take for granted, but, like everything, has to be learned. He started with little coo-coughs and progressed to a more hearty "hehhh", each time looking at us for verification that he's doing it right. I think he gets surprised at how good it feels. Hopefully we will be able to catch it on video soon since we can't not share the goodness.

He is starting to notice sounds and movements to a new degree, turning his head to find each. Peyton's favorite discovery is how he mimics sticking out his tongue, which adds lots of fun to diaper changes. His grunty, stretchy phase is long gone and he is really realizing that his hands are controllable. We often find him with them clasped at his center or fisted near his mouth.

I could continue gushing on and on about these changes since something new happens every day, but realize that when you don't share his genes it's not quite as fascinating. But who doesn't love 'em some photos?!

(To see past photos, click here!)


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