Saturday, December 8, 2012


Ugh. I'm alive. Not blogging, but alive. I've had the best intentions to get on here and tell you all things that you probably aren't even that curious about in the first place. But then... I just didn't.  

You see, when I travel I shut off. I want to see people, but texting? Too hard. Emails? Who needs them! And who these days actually knows how to use a phone for it's original purpose anyway? I've even fallen behind on blog reading. 

Couple my severe disconnect with the fact that we journeyed over and yon, driving to Bristol then Nashville then back here to Baltimore. The ten day span included Thanksgiving, seeing family, and preparing for and celebrating a fantastic wedding (which I am superdee-duper excited to share with you!)

And the cherry-on-top of this grand excuse for silence is a nasty sickness which has called me home since last Monday. The same Monday that happened to follow a broken four hours of sleep and contained our thirteen hour trek back to charm
cit-ay. Probably not the best for fighting illness and contagion. 

So there you have it. I had these excuses, every day planned on being here typing away, and as the days ticked by I became a scaredy-cat about coming back.

You know how it goes- you don't write and don't write and the pressure builds to do something great but you just don't have the inspiration or energy to make it happen. And as time passes the pressure mounts and you just curl up and hide.

So here I am, not with something great, but at least with an explanation as to where I've been.

I wish I had excitement to share. I wish I'd gone through the 1500 photos from our time in Tennessee. But all I've got right now are some antibiotics and a strong desire to start enjoying this Christmas season through more than just instragram photos.



  1. I'm glad you are alive, sorry you are sick:(

    I think it's good that you can just be with your family. Blog land can wait! And I'm just happy when you post, no worries about being impressive! (I write this as if I am THE one you are thinking of! LOL)

  2. sometimes it's nice to recharge! don't let it stress you out and come back when you are ready. :)

    Hope you have had a change to enjoy the holiday's, by this point, through more than just instagram!

    "see" you when you are back.


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