Friday, June 14, 2013


Just a few snapshots of the goings-on in our lives lately. We got to enjoy a whirlwind vacation when Andrea visited, running around town experiencing every possible Austin delight we could think of. Walks, water, hills, and wildlife. Have you ever heard a peacock screech?! They're like the little swarming raptors in Jurassic Park, only a little more cat-noise-esque. Dex was luckily unmuffed by all the comotion, and sadly didn't get to meet the overly friendly squirrel. All in all, the perfect start to a busy summer.

Hope yours has been just as promising!

**And those other stories that I promised last Friday?? They'll come, they'll come.**


  1. Hahaha, that squirrel shot is hilarious! I might have to show my mom (she loves squirrels- has a tattoo of one on her ankle).

    Stand-up paddle boarding?! Do you like it? Is it hard? I'm curious about it and kind of want to try.

  2. Does Declan know the "measure twice, cut once" rule?!

    Love the squirrel!

  3. OMG the squirrel!! For real?! I think I would have fainted! That second one? It is "mid-air, I am a ninja squirrel who just nabbed your food and I dare you take it from me" scare the heck out of me level horror. If that had been me, the only picture you would have seen was of the ground after I dropped the camera to hide behind the nearest person. The peacocks are getting me a little nervous too. You guys have had some dangerous happenings lately haha. Cute pics of y'all and the little guy though. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Your baby-wearing shots are perfection. You look wonderful!

  5. Oh my goodness that squirrel!

  6. Pretty peacocks! I also love the babywearing shots. I never back carry in public because no matter what it cuts into my doughy belly and is quite embarrassing. Perhaps I ought to do some sit ups.....

  7. Love these pictures!!! Were the peacocks at the Animal Sanctuary and Zoo? Also-I reeeeallly want to try stand up paddleboarding! I think I'm going kayaking this weekend for the first time wheeeeee!

  8. What is up with that squirrel?! There's a story there, right?

    Also, fountains at night with colored lights are my FAVORITE. I become like a toddler, entranced for hours, just watching.

  9. Wow! The picture of the peacock is fantastic, it is so beautiful. I have never been that lucky to get so close to one :-)


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