Friday, January 10, 2014

This Time 'Round.

27 weeks - Baltimore, MD.
An unexpected pink line one slow Sunday morning.

The utter shock that led to a no-frills announcement to P- said lines to face as he grabbed syrup from the fridge.

Sickness that lasted and lasted, a marathon intensity instead of a sprint.

The coming back to earth, to regaining myself, only to try and realize that myself now holds two.

A belly that seemed like it would never grow because it just wasn't possible that this was happening without a grand plan.

Then the belly that (of coursedid because it was happening, no plans needed.

A hiccuping thump, thump, thump from within, and the second-time-mama lowdown of exactly what that was.

The much anticipated flutters, kicks, jabs; her feet under fingers poking up to say hello.

An unfeasible tumble of time as weeks flew by faster than ever was possible with our first.

The fact that in roughly two months, ready or not, I will be a mother of two, my boy and my girl.

The distinct urge to savor each moment, to sit with hands on belly for every kick and to download each sweet memory to the nooks and crannies of my soul, not sure if this pregnancy will be my last.

But sadly being all too aware this time 'round of the bittersweet truth that holding on and fighting to savor will really get me nowhere; this too will pass too soon.



  1. You are such a sweet Mama and it's obvious how much you cherish that role. I am so excited for the adventures that await your little family!

  2. This was beautiful. My second (and last) pregnancy I really tried to savor as I kinda knew that was it. I was sad about it for a year or so, but no that they are 4 and 5 I am so happy to have the two I have and that we have what he have;)

  3. You have a cute bump :) It is sad how fast the best things go. Hopefully you can savor the moments of your last couple of months!

  4. Glad to see you are doing well, living happily and creatively still! Take care of that bump!

  5. Your baby bump is adorable. And this is beautiful written..and all I can say is yes, yes yes. I can relate completely...especially the urge to savor each moment knowing it is flying by!

  6. Adorable photo and stunning words, what a blessed momma you are...even more so than you could have ever planned.;)

  7. Christina....
    As a writer {Unpublished.} I spend lots of time describing things. This post? I only have one word to describe it. "Heartfelt". ;)

  8. This is beautifully written :).

  9. I always find that feeling of wanting to hold on to something and remember it forever only makes it seem further away. Why is that?

  10. Beautifully written! You definitely have a way with words. Oh and a cute baby bump.

  11. I cannot wait to see this little lady. :)

  12. Beautiful post. Love that photo! What a cute bump!

  13. A girl! Hooray! I wish you and your family all the best and all the health in the world!


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