Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gone To The Dogs

With three dogs, one cat, and an undulating amount of foster animals, Peyton and I are bonafide animal loving peeps. From the time when I was itty-bitty I always was infatuated with dogs. I love their cold noses on my face when I wake up; their love for belly rubs; their huge bodies squishing me in a dog hug; their excitement every, single time I come home; and most especially, their enthusiasm for everything in life, whether it be to fetch a ball, go on a long run, or settle down for a nap with their human. In fact, I even adore the smell of sleepy dog paws, a comforting mix of earth and warmth and home. Luckily for me, Peyton is no different when it comes to puppy dog charm (well, maybe minus the foot-smell thing... He thinks it's a bit odd.) So when I came across this tribute in the "2010 Greater Austin Pet Resource Guide" I just had to share with everyone else whose lives have gone to the dogs. Enjoy!

If I Didn't Have a Dog...
  • I could walk around the yard barefoot in safety.
  • My house could be carpeted instead of tiled and laminated.
  • All flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and cars would be free of hair.
  • When the doorbell rings, it wouldn't sound like a kennel.
  • When the doorbell rings, I could get to the door without wading through the fuzzy bodies who beat me there.
  • I could sit on the couch and my bed in the way that I wanted, without taking into consideration how much space several fur bodies would need to get comfortable.
  • I would have money... and no guilt to go on a real vacation.
  • I would not be on a first name basis with six veterinarians, as I put their yet unborn grandkids through college.
  • The most used words in my vocabulary would not be: out, sit, come, no, stay, and leave him/her/it alone.
  • My house would not be cordoned off into zones with baby gates and barriers. 
  • My house would not look like a daycare center, toys everywhere.
  • My pockets would not contain things like poop bags, treats, and an extra leash.
  • I would no longer have to spell the words B-A-L-L, F-R-I-S-B-E-E, W-A-L-K,   T-R-E-A-T, B-I-K-E, G-O-, R-I-D-E.
  • I would not have as many leaves inside my house as outside.
  • I would not look strangely at people who think having ONE dog/cat ties them down.
  • I'd look forward to Spring and the rainy season instead of dreading "mud" season.
  • I would not have to answer the question, "Why do you have so many animals?" from people who will never have the joy in their lives of knowing they are loved unconditionally by something as close to an angel as they will ever get. 
How empty my life would be!

My Tegan girl. 
Sweet Athena <3

Now go ahead and give your babies a big hug, kiss, and treat. I'm going to go appreciate this beautiful day with my sweet girl!


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