Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY: Inexpensive Large Dog Bed

Every time I walk into the living room I can't help but shudder at the decrepit, black, bacheloresque couch looming by the wall. It should have been released from its misery at creation, but somehow made it through for eleven years. I guess it's currently in couch purgatory as it has become our "dog sofa"- slowly wearing away with holes torn in the arms and back, lots of loving licks and scratches, and probably too many puppy farts to count. So today we decided to help it (and hopefully our decor) by trying our hand at sewing a dog bed. And my oh my how happy we are! I lucked out by finding a slightly stained two-yard piece of upholstery fabric for just $2.00. I figured that even if I did screw up my second solo sewing attempt, two buckaroonies wasn't a bad loss. But luckily the project did not disappoint, so if you are looking for an inexpensive option for a big dog bed, simply try the following:

1. Find an old comforter to use as stuffing. Check out Goodwill if you don't have one handy. Fold into size you would like the bed to be.
2. Lay fabric down wrong-side up and place comforter on top.
3. Fold ends over so that they overlap. This will not be sewn but rather stay open so that the comforter can be inserted. The flap on the bottom of the overlap will be showing, so if you would like to hem it to make a nice edge now would be the time.
4. Pull everything taut and pin open ends.
5. Sew edges together and flip to right-side.
6. OPTIONAL: Add velcro, ribbons to tie, or simply safety pins to hold the top edge over the bottom. We still haven't decided which we will do. Not a necessary step, but might help to keep dog hair and dirt off of the comforter.
7. Stuff with comforter and just add dog!

The whole Murray clan is happy with this method and super excited that it was just $2.00. Don't get me wrong, I have done my fair share of longing gazes at L.L.Bean beds, but with empty pockets and not-so-friendly-to-dog-bed dogs, they were a bit out of my range. This option is inexpensive, allows you to use fabric of your choosing, and is completely washable! Oh sweet goodness, I sense a couch's funeral a-brewin'...



  1. Love this idea. I will definitely be making 2 of these.

  2. Every time I walk into the living room I can't help but shudder at the decrepit, black, bacheloresque couch looming by the wall. It should have ...

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