Monday, March 5, 2012

And We've Hit The Third Trimester!

I haven't been good about keeping up with the pregnancy on here. As in, this is my first post on it. Ever. The problem with Pinterest is I see so many great ideas to do when I'm pregnant, getting married again (juuust kidding forever husband o' mine), or getting the craft itch that I just can't tackle them all. And I know that I'm not tackling them all. And that makes me sad. But some is definitely better than none, and I am good at doing some. So here is a late start to the weekly pregnancy updates that I would love to keep. Fingers crossed that I post another within the month! :)

Craving: Cauliflower. I've been roasting it with lemon and garlic and holy moly, it is simply take your pants off good.
Memorable pregnancy moment: The first time I decided I needed ice cream was at 27 weeks and I somehow was the one to run into the store at 9:45pm, in the rain, while my husband sat in the car... He's lucky that the cookie dough was just delish.
Favorite Part of Being Pregnant: Feeling our little man kick. And roll. And hiccup. Annnd jab. He's a mover and a shaker I tell ya!
Least Favorite Part: The anticipation of what's coming... Not the baby, just the process that brings that sucker out.
Surprising Part: My belly just isn't that big which makes it harder to realize that I am really pregnant and that I will have a baby in roughly 11 weeks...
Preparations: Been working on the nursery but hit a road bump with the floor, which basically means hours more time on Peyton's part while I'm out of the house. It also means that the nursery is further from being done than when we started...
Looking Forward To: My Baltimore baby shower this weekend!!

So there's my look at 29 weeks! Overall I'm feeling really great and just shocked that I will have a baby in just mere weeks. Kind of mind blowing...


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