Monday, April 9, 2012

The Door to Spring

I have said numerous times throughout the past few weeks that I am done with paint. I've said it as I've sat on the floor looking at paint chips for two hours. I've said it as I rethought my choices in the aisles of Home Depot. I've said it as I put on what I thought was the final coat on a piece of furniture and laid my paint brush down. Yet still, after all the paint that has been slapped on surfaces over the past few months in this house, I decided that our front door needed an upgrade to help us spring into the season (ha ha ha... funny, no?). Maybe it was an escape from actually making decisions for the nursery or maybe it was just the fact that it's been long overdue, but we picked a color and Peyton took care of that bad boy. 

Here is the dull, dirty white door before (which we found was actually glossy once it was scrubbed down.. whoops.)

We chose a Glidden color called Extra Virgin Olive Oil in gloss. It's a bit more yellow than I was planning, but still has a fun hint of green in there. 

Well, hello there handsome. 

There are a few minor details still left, like peeling the stray paint off of the window panes (yeah, that looks kinda bad...) and touching up a few spots, but overall it makes me smile every time I see it's bright, shiny self. 

And that wreath?? My spring pride and joy! A new door deserves a new outfit, and I will share the few details on how I made it soon. 

Hoping to get a post up about the nursery soon. It finally has furniture in it and just some major organizing to go. Makes it all so much more real!


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