Friday, March 23, 2012

Holy Moly!

On Monday we hit the two month mark. Two months to enjoy life as we know it, to prepare for a little babushka, to knock virtually everything on our to-do list off. Two months until we experience the greatest love and joy that we can imagine, not to mention the most natural and greatest pain known to man. Two months until our lives change forever.

That is a lot to take in. It's more than I can comprehend. All I know to do now is to take care of myself, follow my instincts, and to get the nursery to a place where I can release my inner nester! We have a major project going on in there that was a last-minute decision, so what I pictured to be a house nearly ready for a baby at this time is actually one with stacks and boxes of random baby gear scattered throughout and a baby nest that's completely empty. Hopefully this will be different a week from today. Hopefully I will be writing about organizing a dresser and how tired I am of washing little baby clothes. 

Fingers crossed for a productive weekend!



  1. Tired of washing tiny baby clothes? I doubt it. I hope your weekend project is going well!

  2. Hi Christina!!! I just found your blog and it's right up my alley! You look super cute and hope you're feeling well being so far along. Love the new yellow door too! Can't wait to stop by and read more!

    Michelle (

  3. okay. you're right. i feel a bit better.
    i had a friend tell me over the weekend her baby boy was early and they didn't even have the crib set up, a carseat or clothes! i'm feeling more calm about this whole thing by the minute.


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