Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Want to SCREAM.

And not because it's Halloween.

But because our playroom- our lovely, carpeted, four-hundred square foot room in our lovely, newly purchased house- just flooded for the second. time. 

I don't like to complain online much. But right now? After going to bed at 12:30 and waking up at only to realize that I have sunk my feet into a giant beige swamp? I'm in pain. And I just have to vent. It costs $2,000 a pop to dry it up. We are on the wait list for gutters and getting on the list (today) for an outdoor drainage solution, a total of another $7,000. And the owner before? Says they had no idea.

I call B.S.

They renovated this house for over six months, so if it didn't happen with them, then they MUST have seen damage from before. And if it didn't happen before? Then they must have done something that makes it happen now. To me, it's just that simple. What are the chances we would get water, massive quantities, two times in six weeks and it hasn't happened in the decade before? I'm going for slim to none.

I just don't know what to do. I feel completely, disgustingly powerless in this situation. And I've now lost basically all sleep and acquired strained crazy ligaments in my pregnancy loosened pelvis from A. Trying to be fun with Declan and letting him sit on my foot as I walked. (Hey, smart idea prego lady!! Why don't you add 25 pounds to one leg and kick it around?! wise!) and B. Trying to save some furniture from getting soaked.


ahh. AHhhh. AHHH!!!!

But I realized there are two things that you can do for me. (Unless you are a real estate attorney ready to get them to pay... then you win this card hands down!)

1. Please, please, please vote for Declan. We are in first place (and will win $500 to Old Navy!) and I used all my energy until late last night trying to keep him there. It's the last day of voting. You need to click on this link, click "vote", become a fan of Bump Club once they ask, and then make sure the "vote" turned to a green check mark, otherwise it didn't register. If it didn't, just click again. It should work that time.

annnnd two?

2. Please tell me any and all horror stories of home ownership that you've encountered. If you can relive the tale. It's Halloween. A day for scary stories. And I need some compadre-ism.

UGGHHHHh. I'm thinking it's bad when you have professional flood driers on speed dial...



  1. *sends big fans down your way*

    I'm so sorry! It's stuff like this that makes me wish I lived closer. Goucher reunion on my living room floor, plus dependents. Your guy would love my kitty.

  2. Christina....
    Happy Halloween!! ;-O
    I am so sorry that your house flooded, Friend!! Our old home's basement used to do that!! No fun!! :-(

  3. oh MAAAAAAN! I don't have any home ownership stories because I've never owned a home. But a house we were renting in Charlotte (the most ghetto of ghetto homes) apparently had a clogged drainage system which was slowing our water drainage as we moved in. We called them to come see what the deal was and there was 1) a mechanical pencil lodged in the guest bath which explained why it wasn't flushing and 2) SO MANY TAMPONS in the drainage system from the previous owner that they had to DIG UP our septic tank and flush it which point they just tossed all these used tampons into our back yard. How pleasant. It was a disgusting nightmare. I'm SO sorry but I can't vote for Declan because I sadly don't have a facebook account!!!! Wah!! I hope you all win though!!!

  4. NNNOOOOOO! Oh my gosh! I am SO sorry!!! Awful!

  5. god! i'm so sorry!!! that's just sucks. i wish i could help you there. but i send all my prayers for you. i'm sorry. really.

  6. You vent all you want! That sounds awful. I hope that it all gets fixed sooooon.

  7. We just had an electrical issue at my house where it caused a power surge that damaged part of the fridge. It cost $400 to fix and we were without a functioning fridge for almost a week. Fun times being a homeowner.

  8. This is so awful. I'm so so sorry. It sucks. I've never owned a home, but when my husband and I first moved into together, there was a truly nasty smell in our apartment. And we'd open all the windows and let all the air move around and then a few hours later it would be back. The land lord had used poison to take care of a mice issue without telling us and there were dead mice rotting underneath our stove. IC had to fashion a skewering device to get it out of there. It was foul. (Obviously NO WHERE near as bad as completely flooding twice).

  9. Oh no! This is awful! I am so sorry for you guys!

  10. Oh man that sucks! I have no home ownership woes to share. But I have apartment woes! How about the act that every month we are paying rent? Waste of money!!

  11. Oh my goodness!! I'm so sorry. Boo! I hope everything gets sorted out soon. If it makes you feel any better our cat won't stop peeing and shitting on our playroom floor and it smells so bad (even after having it professionally cleaned 3 times), we're probably going to have to replace all the carpet. And no guarantees she'll stop. UGH.


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