Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Write #48

I'm sitting at this desk simply because I promised myself I would. There's a baby in rare form who doesn't want to go to sleep beckoning for help every few minutes. I just got done rocking and nursing him to sleep (for the second time) but he's wanting a bit more lovin' tonight. The boy just got done with his first swim class a few hours ago, so of course he's a bit tired. Sleeping in the car to and from places throws off his rhythm occasionally, and tonight was one of those occasions. 

On a completely different note, I just ate thirty-two square inches of these delicious butterscotch brownies. Well, in the last twenty-four hours that is. I lack self control when it comes to snacking, which is partially what made me choose veganism. I'm not often confronted with less than healthy options, so when I am I am free to devour them without a thought. But that's not a good thin when one Monday night I am craving a brownie, head in to the kitchen to bake some sweet goodness, and find myself polishing off half by Tuesday. And sadly, this is not my first ride on that train. I am often a bit disgusted while obsessively eating it, but I keep cutting slivers and just can't stop and am hungry and needing fuel to make the kale that I really want but oooh it's so good. So instead of enjoying it fully with a nice portion on a plate, I keep saying I will stop at this last bite and am frustrated with myself for not stopping. Then I eat another bite. Grrr-ah! Anyway, I just ate a lovely plate of kale, sauteed yellow squash, avocado, tofu scramble, and black beans, so my tummy is full and I have no craving for any more brownie. I also was wise and put the extra helping(s) in the freezer, so tomorrow morning I will not have to use herculean efforts to avoid it. 

To add to the randomness of my thoughts, yesterday in postnatal yoga we were all going through the opening of centering yourself and getting your intentions focused when my baby starts to chuckle. Not just his typical wispy "heeeh"s, but trying to let out a belly laugh sounds. So of course I had to laugh in response. Is that not a human impulse?! Luckily it's a class designed for interacting with your baby, but typically that revolves around taking care of their needs. It was delightful, and while it threw off my practice for the day, it has stuck around much more happily in my mind then if I had rocked my yoga socks off. So if you have not heard a baby learning to laugh, please do. Find a baby, any baby, and stalk it until it does. Sweetest sound ever. 

And on that note, I have not heard any less sweet sounds from my now slumbering boy, so I will take my tired self to bed. Good night moon, and good night you :)

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