Saturday, August 25, 2012

Something Nice

I got to do something nice this morning. Before the dogs were stirring or the baby cried or the Saturday morning rituals ensued, I got to lace up my shoes and run. My head didn't want to leave my pillow, but my new schedule with baby is wreaking havoc on my sleep. So today I did something positive with that change.

I got to enjoy the cool morning breeze, blowing grey clouds through the softly lightened sky; to awaken with the birds, joining in their "good mornings" with the soft patter of my feet. I got to marvel at the fact that I live in Texas, where seeing an armadillo strolling through your neighborhood is more common than a fox; to appreciate the green grass before it looks completely unhappy in the brutal heat. I got to take the street behind my house, peering through our yard to Declan's window, knowing that my boy was safe and sound in a room made for him. And I got to go alone- no stroller, no dogs, no music, no worries. I got to do something nice this morning, and in doing so, say hello to myself.


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  1. Ok you've inspired me, I totally need to get back into my running routine! I love how good it feels afterwards.


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