Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Quiet Success

There's something about sleeping babies that just gets me every time. Seeing their on-the-go bodies actually taking a rest is definitely part of it. Their little baby bellies rising and falling softly, dough rolled arms relaxed in odd positions, blankies and stuffed animals tucked in close.

But there's also the full on release they give in to. The letting go of their day and busy baby lives to rejuvenate for the next round. And in this release lies an immense amount of trust. Every time I sneak in to see him hunkered down, I am blown away by the vast responsibility of caring for such a precious creature. He trusts us, relies on us, for everything, and falls asleep without any worry or care that his needs will be met. Because they are. Day after day, place after place, experience after experience. We walk a tight line of letting him learn and explore while keeping him safe and healthy. It's scary and invigorating all at once. And it's a huge responsibility.

All the hours of catering to his baby needs- feeding, diapering, cleaning, teaching, reading- are aimed at creating an atmosphere of trust, love, and growth. We have to read between the lines that it's working. And to me, the hours of sleep are quiet proof that so far we've succeeded.



  1. What a cute picture you took!

    Ashley @

    1. Thanks Ashley! It's grainy and not great quality, but it's what I can get without waking him up. Keeping him asleep ALWAYS wins. :)

    2. Thanks for following me, I am now following you back! :)

  2. such a sweet post! it all becomes so rewarding when we can look at them in such a blissfully relaxed state. :)


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