Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Photos - 26-40

Another week has come and gone without a weekly photo update. Add that to the other fourteen. 
And then call it a day, 'cause I'm here and all too ready to share. 

The last one I gave you was before Thanksgiving.  
Yes, literally almost two seasons ago... 
I posted a pic, packed up our things, and traveled north for six weeks, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years before heading home. We then won the Super Bowl and bought a house
So you know, we've been a tad bit busy. 

And Declan? 
Man, Declan has changed a TON. So much so that I forgot what he was like fifteen weeks ago and had to do a little refresher (here). 
Blogging for the wi-ii-iiiinnnn. 

40 weeks vs. 25 weeks:

Working on 6th tooth 
(was working on first)

Sits up like a PRO 
(was wonky but really trying)

Rolling like it ain't no thang 
(figured it out in January... and honestly? he was having such problems before that I was pretty darn pleased that I could even do it. and now? ha.)

Crawling (army pull style) like a beast 
(started in January)

He. Wants. EVERYTHING. Curious does not begin to describe. And much more tactile. 
(was just learning paci maneuvers)

Still is fascinated by face grabs. 
(was fascinated, but no more shaky hands!)

And oooOoOoh, there's more

Started eating solids at Thanksgiving and was a pro from the get-go. 
Is now rockin' on finger foods too.

Talking up a storm-- "aaabbabbababa"-ing this and that and using his arms and inflections and screams.
He even grunts as he crawls along. Very, very expressive. 
No question who gave him these stellar genes. (#mamasrock)

Loves the dogs and cat. Like lights up when they enter the room loves. 
And pets and grabs and pulls loves, but what baby doesn't jump on that?

Has entered the reserved around strangers phase. 
A bit disappointing that smiles aren't given freely anymore, but if you get one? You earned it. 
And I gotta admit it's a little gratifying to see how much he loves us. 
You know, since we're there for him all. the. time.

It's been a productive four months to say the least. So proud of our little bugger. :)

Now those are what I call toofers!!!

**To see past photos, click here or here.**

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