Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WW: Avocado Toast

a favorite recipe. 

I must admit: the kitchen and I haven't really been friends lately. Making something just to take pictures to then recount all the minute details of creating said thing just wasn't going to happen.

But this. This is a staple that I couldn't live without. That's why I'm bestowing the GENIUS to you.


MIND BLOWN. amiright??

I mean, who could be so clever? And how could they be so kind to share? I'm a giving soul with an IQ of approximately 225. Clearly. That's all there is to it.

The deets:

- Toast some heavy duty whole grain bread. I love Ezekial sprouted grain.
- Slap on some heavenly vegenaise (the delicious vegan alternative to mayo.)
- Slice up some avocado and spread it on nice and thick.
- Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then voila! Party in your watering mouth.

What makes this a true staple is all the variations I love to make with it. You can try:

+ hummus
+ chickpeas
+ chives and lemon juice
+ thinly sliced radish
+ tempeh bacon
+ any and all topped with ketchup!

The choices are endless. Just throw whatever yummy-looking fridge food on top and you've got yourself a nutritious little dish.

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(And give Shay a peek too!)

There's a Mensa meeting calling my name... 



  1. Girl, this looks horrifying. But I'm glad you like it, never make it for me.

  2. YUM! I have to try this! And HAHAHA @Shaylynn... "never make it for me"

  3. Mmmm, avocado! I have to buy me some this week! It's been a while!

  4. YUM. I love avocado on pretty much anything, but on toast is theeee best!

  5. Yum! Have you had Dave's Killer Bread? It is so grainy and so yummy. He has some sweetening element in it, juice I think, but it's so delicious I forget about that part.

  6. avocado and vegemite is a killer combination.
    (pick the australian in the comments?)

  7. i never thought to combine avocado and toast. i'll try it

  8. I've never thought of avocado and toast either! I like toast with butter and sliced dill pickles! LOL

  9. Yum! Such a great idea. Mind totally blown. I love using avocado but I rarely do... maybe this should change :)

  10. This looks delicious! I love avocado! My mind is blown. BLOWN, I tell you.

  11. Yummmm! This does sound good - and kid friendly too!

  12. We were introduced to this in Australia and my mind was blown with deliciousness.

    Although they added vegemite and I could not get on board with that.


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