Wednesday, July 3, 2013

When America Roared

It's Wednesday.
I haven't written in about two weeks. 
I'm sitting in Baltimore enjoying the rain and wondering what in the world my day will hold.
What's new?

Today's topic is what decade we would live in if we could choose. 

The 1920s. 
Even though I kind of hate the clothes and the hair and the fact that women were often still treated like poo.

The 20s hold an extravagance, a fun, a freedom that draws me in every time. 

I want to be a woman taking control of my life: moving to the city, working in an office, going out to dance to some jazz. 
I want to be rich and laissez faire and waste my days away. 
I want to enjoy the musical theater and get excited to take a train to the Big Apple. 
I want to vacation at the beach with my huge sunporch where the parties overflow and in later years kids all sleep with the curtains blowing in the breeze on our wall of windows. 

And when I got sick of the parties??
I'd just hop on a ship and befriend Lady Mary over at Downton Abbey.

Problem solved.

What about you?? Where would your time machine lead?

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  1. Glad you are back!

    Sounds like a good plan! Sounds like you know how to do the 1920s right! I can dig that!!!!

  2. yay you are back, but i will sound selfish yay you were away and I didn't miss anything cos i was away too...score.

    I think I'd like the 6os..mainly because I have a total hippie face...I would blend in.

  3. AHHHHH EAST COAST RAIN, what gives?!

    Anywho, the 1920s. I like the hair, I won't lie. Probably because my hair won't grow and I feel like I missed me calling being a flapper in the 20s!

    1. Missed "me" calling? Oh my typos.

    2. Alissa, I am right there with you! I would have been so on trend for the '20s. My hair hates me and wants to be short forever.

  4. Oh the 20's...2nd one I've seen for it and you are making me think, yet, that would be a fun decade...definitely for some flapper action and dancing! :)

  5. Yes, how fun would that be?! Your description makes me think of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

  6. The only real! But the flappers and dancing...oh so fun to be carefree.

  7. Glad to see you posting again. The 20's have always been my favorite decade. I actually like the flapper fashion and how women were starting to take control of their lives in a new way. I actually think my love of The Great Gatsby stems from my obsession of the 1920's.

  8. Extravagance....YES. It was so much more accessible back then!

  9. Yes! When I think of the 20s, I think of extravagance! And awesome dresses and dancing....both if which I would have loved!

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  11. Ah Lady Mary! She might make me reconsider my 50's! Except that era had some nasty childbirth schtuff.

  12. sorry new around here, but i love Baltimore!! i visited like 2 years ago for a Ravens game (huge fan btw) and fell in love with the city and the food!!

    Yes to the 20's!! I love the fashion of the time and the fact that women started showing more than ankles, so that's a big step forward towards feminism!!

  13. yes to all of this!
    "I want to be a woman taking control of my life: moving to the city, working in an office, going out to dance to some jazz"

  14. I LOVE the clothing from the 20's!! Between boardwalk empire and Dowton Abbey, I am so ready to rock those dresses and I have been tempted to make a couple long necklaces to wear now!!

    Have a great holiday weekend, how long are you in Baltimore?!

  15. Totally agree about going back to the 20's!!! And then I would jump on that ship about the time that the 30's hit;-)


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