Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WW: Talk About the Toilet Paper


They did it again. Got me to sit down and write when I am so clearly in an accidental boycott of the entire blogging world. It's what happens on vacation, and sadly I take super long vacations.

They = Shay and Alissa
Today's Topic = Girl Code. 

I can admit that I'd never, ever, ever thought about this before. When I read it on Sunday I had all sorts of plans to be too busy today washing my hair. But then in stepped fate. And when I say fate, I mean a drunken burnt woman in Ocean City.

There we were in a hotel bathroom (a hotel that also happens to have a skating rink in the center that holds an enticing 70s throwback show every night at 6:30 for free) wiping off the salt and sand with some baby wipes when she makes her off-balance entrance. We gifted her with a wipe, listened to her thoroughly enjoy said wipe and the idea of having them at the beach, and parted ways. She peed and walked out proclaiming (I guess to us, passive aggressively?...):

"Isn't it GIRL CODE or somethin' to ALWAYS let the next girl know there ain't NO toilet paper?"

When a wise older woman pointed out that "yeah, sure, but do you want them to WAIT on the next person?" I would normally have silently tipped my hat. But at this moment I was simply too bowled over by those two magic words.


And just like that, my hair got washed on Tuesday.



  1. Telling the next girl that there's no TP is definitely Girl Code in my book, but only if there is a line outside the door.

    Ladies should be smart enough to check the TP situation before they start peeing!

  2. ^^ agree with Aliisa!! but this is too funny!! i always check and if not i pee-pee dance over to a new stall

  3. Can you spare a square?

    This reminds me of a time a poor girl had to get sick in a stall I knew had no TP but I was in the only other stall when she entered the bathroom. Then she had to ask me for some under the stall. I think we both hung our head in shame.

  4. Ahh bathroom conversations can be so awkward and I have to say I therefore try to keep any conversations with stranger so a minimum while in there!

  5. I always give a heads up when there is no toilet paper. Just sayin.

  6. A girl after my own heart..I will always always tell you there is no toilet paper. Always.

  7. Ahahahahahahahahaha. That is so great.

    I sent her to you.

  8. Always! I have been the person that come out and handed out the tissues (that I usually have in my bag) to the line of ladies who were very grateful.

  9. I also always tell when there's no TP.

    This post made me laugh out loud! Come back to usssssss! (The blogging world.) :)

  10. First off... are we talking Ocean City, Maryland??? If so, I went there every summer of my life until middle school ended. SUCH an amazing place! Also- this story made me crack up. Girls are weird already when it comes to bathroom "code" so... I think all perspectives of this story probably have a good argument. I doubt guys ever go, "Hey dudes, anyone think they could hand me toilet paper?" And then someone dutifully does it.... no, I can't see that happening in the men's bathroom! (I once broke a REAL girl code and asked a non-pregnant woman if she was pregnant. So, to speak like this old lady.... "Leaving no toilet paper ain't nothin!")

  11. Ha! How did I miss this! Amazing.

  12. And that is why I carry around tissue if I go out. But I will always warn the next girl of no loo and maybe just maybe tell the people at the bar if I don't feel too lazy.

  13. Holy crap.

    Is there a girl code?
    You've just flipped my entire world upside down.
    I think I was accidentaly boycotting blogging too.
    Or something.

    Funny post to come back to, thanks!


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