Friday, September 20, 2013


React to this term: comfort. 

Comfort is watching snow fall outside your window as you're cocooned in your grandmother's colorful old quilt.

It's finding that perfect spot on your love's shoulder as you tuck in close, close enough to smell the scent ingrained in your bones and to feel his heat on your chilly toes.

It's your freshly bathed body sliding in to a bed made of warm, clean sheets; sipping steaming cider as a fire crackles; pulling on that old beaten sweatshirt that you just can't bear to part with; being brought tomato soup as you lie sick on the couch.

Comfort is finding warmth both inside and out when the world outside is chilled. Granting yourself the gift of love. It's taking stock of your life and gifts and being careful not to ask for anything more in a given moment.

Comfort is a treasure found in small acts, acts that could easily be skipped but are worth it every time.



  1. Perfectly said! I love hearing the rain as I sit in my warm bed reading a book. Have a nice weekend, cheers!

  2. beautifully written! I found myself longing for a wet, cold and rainy day so I could do all of the above! :)

  3. Love snowy days when you get to stay inside! Perfection.

  4. oh i agree with all of it.

    also drinking hot chocolate while watching the rain or snow fall.

  5. I have an old sweatshirt that jordan hates, but I will never get rid of it!

  6. "Comfort is a treasure found in small acts, acts that could easily be skipped but are worth it every time" boom goes my heart.

  7. yes, yes, yes. all of this reminds me of Fall, and i LOVE it!

  8. i want all those things. right. now.

  9. My absolute favorite comfort is being snowed in with hubby and the pets, with lots of yummy food and good movies!!

  10. Mmmm. Absolutely.
    You summed up comfort better than any of the other "entries" I read.
    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


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