Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking Stock

Getting home at 1:00am after two flights with a toddler does not lead me to creative writing mode (today's Blogtember topic.) So, I'm skipping, and doing this little Taking Stock post instead, found through Sydney who originally got it from Pip

Making :: grocery lists
Cooking :: chickpeas on the stove and baked oatmeal in the oven
Drinking :: raspberry zinger hot tea
Reading :: blogs and texts. a trip to the library is looming.
Wanting :: the second trimester feel-good-energy. I'm 14 weeks, so bring. it. on. 
Looking :: forward to season premieres next week
Playing :: that game with babies where you say "no" and they do the forbidden about twenty kagillion more times. (this, in fact, might be a bit of a lowball estimate.)
Wasting :: time. it seems like I'm always wasting time. 
Sewing :: *crickets*
Wishing :: I could go see a close friend recovering from a traumatic health event. 1500 miles never seemed so far.
Enjoying :: every time Declan tries to unlock our doors, high up on tiptoes with contraband keys in hand. thanks so much, goodnight gorilla. 
Waiting :: for that long awaited sign that now, right now, is the best time for errands. 
Liking :: our new house.
Wondering :: boy or girl.
Loving :: when Peyton helps a mama out and brings me tea and food and stuff. laziness feeding and love showing at it's finest. 
Hoping :: austin gets rain.
Marvelling :: at Declan's ever growing mind. 
Needing :: a shower. and a bagel. 
Smelling :: probably not too fresh...
Wearing :: leftovers that weren't packed for the trip. we all know how that goes i think. 
Following :: the changing prices of plane tickets home.
Noticing :: what i miss about portland, like open windows and delicious tap water.
Knowing :: those clothes won't put themselves away. 
Thinking :: of sweet molly and matt, friends who are in the process of welcoming baby #1 into the world as I type.
Feeling :: pretty much ick.
Bookmarking :: recipes that I will likely never fix.
Opening :: nothing that I've bookmarked.
Giggling :: at my boy's guppy mouth kisses. 

Just join on in. It's cathartic.



  1. Whoa! I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats!!

  2. welcome back!

    It is never a good time for errands, also I bookmark a lot of recipes I will never just feels good when you bookmark it...yes, yes I could live super healthy, just check out my bookmarks! MMhh chocolate cake.

  3. I always love reading your posts! You have such a way with words, combined with a unique way of looking at things!


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