Monday, April 28, 2014

Days Like This

There are days like today that fall so perfectly into place.

Where mornings are met with smiles and sugary bowls of cereal (of the "healthy" variety, of course.)
Where the market visited does not begin with "Whole Foods" but rather is a collection of stalls and flowers and eight dollar pickles.
Where everyone enjoys a nap around two o'clock, Peyton and me catty-corner on the couches bathed in sun and kids tucked away in their respective rooms.
Where our slower pace still allows things to get done, like laundry and plant watering and picture hanging.
Where I'm not annoyed at my husband and he's not annoyed at me.
Where I sit and nurse my girl while tearfully saying goodbye, yet again, to Harry Potter.
Where my dog walks serenely by my side as fireflies dance in the dusk and barbecue smoke scents the air.
And where I take moments to notice and appreciate all that's been given to me, followed by a good old fashioned relaxation in front of the tv.

So even with a Monday looming, a broken dryer that needs replacing, and all sorts of every day responsibilities to be done for the gagillionth time, I'll see today as the sort of ordinary that is every shade of beautiful.

(Cue photos that have little to do with today. Because in true Christina-ordinary-day fashion, the camera never came out.)



  1. Here's to the ordinary. May it continue being every shade of beautiful. Well put. I love me a slow morning.

  2. Oh my beautifulness. Those photos. So sweet. And I love love love this post. Feeling a little overwhelmed here today with all that *needs to be done*, you just gave me the perspective I needed. Thank you.

  3. Days like this are wonderful!!

  4. So sweet - those are the best days :)

  5. Christina....
    Oh dear, I have fallen behind in reading/commenting on this Blog!! Well, I shall just have to do something about that!! ;)
    You're a good writer, Friend!! ;-D
    Love you later, Raelyn

  6. you had me with "nursing while saying goodbye to harry potter"... thats the stuff dreams are made of. but for reals though!

  7. Love this post!!


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