Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Peacocks and Pizza

Every day Mr. D will pick up numerous things- a remote, a dog food can, a piece of carrot or sweet potato- and place it to his ear.


"Who's that?" We'll ask, though it's the same every time.

"Cea-cock?" He'll reply, smooshing the sweet potato chunk into his hair.

Of course. Peacock is apparently one for the phone.

"Yea? And what's peacock saying?!"

"Piz-za!" And this is always delivered with excellent eye contact, a smile, and emphatic nodding. Because clearly, whether he's ordering or peacock is, calling peacocks for pizza is truly exciting business.


And though his fascination with peacocks began at Christmas, it was further fueled by a visit to our local peacock hang out, Mayfield Park. He insisted on wearing his hat and backpack the whole time since he just knew an adventure was at hand. 

{the first picture of me and my girl on this camera.}

 His sweet innocence just melts me all over.



  1. So cute! I love that he loves peacocks! he would go nuts on our farm, we currently have 3 full-grown males, 3 females, and a couple of white youngsters. :-)
    And pizza is one of the best foods ever, he has excellent taste!

  2. Christina....
    Declan's story about calling Peacock for pizza made me smile!! ;)
    Love you later, Raelyn

  3. Oh my lands, this is so cute! I love the hat and the backpack. What a little adventurer he is! :) Peacocks for pizza is hilarious. You'll have to start a list of all the funny things he says and put them in a book or something.

  4. I had to wait till I was at the computer to comment, as this was too much for the iphone or ipad! LOL

    I love his backpack and hat, so cute! And I love seeing your mom and dad in these photos. The 2nd and third photo are funny, it looks as if he had a sudden change of heart about being so up close and personal to that peacock! And the one of he and your mom looking up together is very sweet. And of course the one of her making sure he doesn't take a header into the creek! LOL

  5. Absolutely love this!! How cute is he??!!

  6. That backpack KILLS ME. Oh my goodness.


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