Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sybil's Weekly Photos :: 1, 2, 3

This has been the pregnancy of the iPhone. We realized we took no official photos of me pregnant with our camera, just as we've only done a handful since Sybil was born. Picking up a camera while taking care of a toddler, newborn, large dog, and household just is a bit too much for my little self right now. (Which also explains the lack of those 52 Project photos I'd planned... ) But I'm determined to keep up with those weekly photos I loved with D. so whipped that Nikon out twice (true to fashion we missed week one) and snapped away.

And here you have it. The start of Sybi's weekly photo op. 

{this is all we got right before a violent spit-up event, so we went with it. bebe numero dos.}
As for how these first few weeks have been, they've sailed by. We lucked out with another baby that sleeps nice stretches (so far!). She has some fussy patches here and there which she fights through then passes out. Which means baby cuddling during tv time at night followed by a chunk of sleep for mama. And in the day? As long as she's moving, whether wrapped tight in the moby or driving in the car or relaxing in her swing, she's a happy camper.



  1. Glad you are doing these again!

  2. You can already see how she's growing in just a few weeks - looking so much more alert! I hear you on the iphone photos. Poor Austin, he's had barely any photos taken of him on the proper camera - especially compared to Ollie who we were photographing constantly! Glad you guys are doing well & the little miss is a happy camper :)

  3. She is adorable. I love the name Sybil by the way.

  4. Congrats again- she's gorgeous, and I love her name, too! I hope you're doing well and settling in as a family of four! Do you think she looks like your son? Let's see some comparison shots- you know, in your free time ;-)

  5. She's too sweet. Love the basket shots!

  6. What a beautiful girl, with such long legs! Adorable!
    How are Declan and Tegan? No jealousies?

  7. So sweet!!! She is one beautiful baby. Love your Moses basket too!

  8. Christina....
    That first picture!! Sybi looks like a finely crafted porcelain doll!! Precious!! ;)
    I am so very glad that she is a happy, non-fussy infant!! ;-D
    Love you later, Raelyn


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