Friday, May 18, 2012

One Week

All week we have been reliving what transpired at "this" moment the Friday before. Different hours have brought different events that we were living through two three six days prior, from when the first contraction started at midnight to me going to wake my mom at two a.m. As I write this sentence I'm remembering how a week ago at this moment I was doing a practice push, then being told I had to tape my legs shut for another forty-five minutes until all the antibiotics had dripped. And in t-minus one hour and thirty-sixfive minutes our son had just entered this great big world. (He will be celebrating boob-in-mouth, most definitely his favorite pasttime.) It's mind-boggling to me how these short moments all combined to create the most life-changing experience, one that turned me into a mother.

This week has been long- full of little wonders, tears, scares, and lots of hours spent fawning over a tiny, new life. It is hard to imagine that just over a week ago I was sitting around with intense back pain trying to figure out what activities would get me through the following seven days. Friday would bring a trip to the yarn store to get goods for a hat, Saturday a hair trim to soften the edges of my recent cut, and all the hours in between and all around would be filled with food, movies, and gab. But then nature took control and gave me no choice, shoved me into a pain so intense that my body has already rejected those memories. It took me down a road with no return ticket and gave me sweet Declan at the end. All the plans in the world couldn't have topped Mother Nature's.

I have many moments that I want to write about but haven't had a chance, from his birth to my emotions to posting pictures of the most precious boy ever. But right now I'm realizing that we are stepping away from that day and into an unknown life, where counting down what happened at "this" moment x-days ago is unlikely and living in the present is what will count. That day was so special and yet so short. And that's simply what life is- countless small moments that often fly by too fast, some so lovely they hurt and others so painful we long to step away, but all important in the grand equation. So instead of focusing on those nine hours that brought us to our "now", I will strive to focus on the daily occurences that prove how completely glorious this "now" is.


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  1. Congratulations!! So happy for you! Love the name and can't wait to hear about it.


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