Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pictures, Pictures!

In this rare moment where I am not being used as a milk machine, I decided to do a photo dump of the last few weeks. I have lots to say, more to document, and the birth photos/story to share, but this is an idea of what little Declan's first two weeks of life was like- eat, sleep, repeat.

{3d: first car ride}

{3d: welcome home!}


{6d: Grandpa arrives!}

{6 days}

{Tegan + Declan = BFF?}

{1w: Chillin' like a villain}

{1w: First walk with mom and dad}

{1w: First sponge bath at home}

{1w: Don't mess with baby Dex}

{1w1d: First visit with Doug, Katy, Celeste, and Parker!}

{1w1d: Newest addition to the ever-growing gang}

{1w5d: Getting some mama kisses}

{1 week 5 days}

{1w5d: Visit from Betsy and Hayley}

{1 week 6 days}

{1w6d: First bath}

{1w6d: Loving his grandma time}

{1w6d: The Brunyates and little Brunyate-Murray}

{1 week 6 days}

{2 weeks}

{2 weeks}

{2w: Sweet, sweet baby sleep}

{2 weeks}

{2w1d: A much needed rejuvenating morning after a tougher night}

{2w1d: My two favorite guys}

{2w1d: Please stay so sweet forever}

What a pleasure it has been to experience this magical time with you darling boy. xoxo


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