Monday, May 7, 2012

Takin' It Easy

We had our first labor scare this weekend. Everything is totally fine: no hospitals were visited, no major meltdowns ensued, and no water broke. But it was a wide and clear wake up call that this baby is coming. And according to my body and doctors, he could have been coming any day now for the past two and a half weeks. This long wait makes it seem even less likely that "any day" is today, when in all actuality it makes it more likely since we simply are running out of time! So when I started having contractions and back pain in a breastfeeding class (so helpful and useful, by the way) I realized that I have not actually thought about the possibility that my mom won't be here. And when it really hit home that if the baby made his big debut last night that my mom would not be there, that the house was dirty, that the bag wasn't packed (I have everything stacked now, okay?? Baby steps. *pun most certainly intended*), let's just say that I kind of started to panic a bit. Everything became real. The fact that I had been working hard to clean the car all morning and then not eating enough and pushing myself to go to the class flew in my face in a "Why couldn't I just have waited until WEDNESDAY?!" kind of moment, where reality was a bit of a suckerpunch to the gut... Or that could have been the contractions. But we will go with reality.

The fact is simply that my mom arrives Wednesday afternoon and I am keeping my legs crossed until then. I'm sending the little guy lots of vibes and texts telling him that an earlier arrival is inappropriate. And I'm definitely realizing that when the doctors are wrong and we are sitting around the house at 41 weeks cursing time and heat, I might rue these words. But really, things like cleaning the house or packing a bag are pretty surmountable issues compared to getting a private jet to shuttle my mom down on a moments notice. And moms can be kind of priceless. So in waiting for Wednesday I am just going to take it easy. 

Taking it easy = trying not to go stir crazy = 
- Blog post extravaganza!
- A big two-thumbs up for Moneyball
- Taking my first (and maybe last?!) pregnant float in our neighborhood pool
- Prepping cloth diapers for a total of six hours
- Hoping that Lifetime is showing Grey's Anatomy reruns from 12-3 this week
- Attempting to pop out some home-knit wonders

What can I say Austin? I lead a wild and crazy life. But watch out... Come Wednesday, it is on like full-term pregnant donkey kong!



  1. ahh exciting! good luck with it all! p.s. the pictures were gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Sandhya!! Hope all is well with you two and all the furry friends :) Christina


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