Friday, September 14, 2012

4 Months

Sweet Declan-

My goodness how time flies. One month ago I had words to write and a picture to post about your three month birthday, and now here I sit finally getting to it! Baby development is so swift and subtle all at once. I don't feel like much changes each day, but I go back to journal entries and realize you are getting so big.

Last I wrote you were just learning to chuckle, and now your laugh fills the room throughout the day. Your ticklishness arrived and ribs and feet are the place to attack. The daily ebb and flow of what you find funny keeps us on our toes, always trying to get that big gummy grin complete with sound. Sometimes you want to bounce on the bed, or hear a song, or see a tongue sticking out, or have your chin grabbed. But sure enough, as soon as one of us is called in to see your overwhelming cuteness you decide that that's enough, thank you very much.

A few weeks ago you rolled over for the first time. Luckily it was from stomach to back, so no worries yet of uncontrolled motion across the room. In fact, you are quite content on your back and have shown no desire to reposition. But that tummy turn, you just get up on your arm and pop!- you're over. When it's not executed properly, you flop over halfway and lay your fuzzy head on your arm, not sure what went wrong but content at having a resting spot.

You are trying to talk up a storm, really learning to communicate with sounds. You still aren't a crier, but sure are learning how to work us when you do. You might not have a huge array of desires yet, but those that are there seem to get filled pretty quickly using your limited Declan vocabulary.

Your favorite toy is the rubber giraffe. You love to watch the dogs play, laughing sometimes as they come close. Once your fingers hit your mouth for the first time a few weeks ago, it was love at first taste. You honed in on that skill in a jiffy. You have stayed awake on both a grocery store trip and a car ride, two small but impressive feats for your easily lulled self. And you are a chunk, chunk, chunk- of the cutest variety, of course.

Your next month includes two weeks in Baltimore. Possibly my favorite two weeks of the entire year, season wise. I'm excited to show you fall colors, smells, and air, and even more excited to see what you throw back in return.

All my love-


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