Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Peyton Keeps Me From Spending Money

The following is a little conversation that went down yesterday.

Me: Baby, I want an embroidery machine.
Peyton: Me too!
Me: It costs around $1300.
Peyton: Okay! I've told you I wanted one before.
Me (getting awfully suspicious at this point): Why? Isn't that a bit much right now...?
Peyton: No, it's fine. You know, then I could embroider Tennessee logos on everything. And I mean ev-er-y-thing. Dish towels, baby carriers, your apron. You name it, it's logoed.

Touché, Peyton, touché. If only you were bluffing.



  1. I have an embroidery machine;) It is totally obsolete now, but I do not have any plans to upgrade! I have not used it as much as I should, but I have enjoyed it.


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