Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Hope This Ain't a Jinx...

Remember back when I told you a little secret?
And then I didn't write anything else for two weeks, leaving you all dangling on the edge of your seats?


This little beaut is (almost) ours. Wave hello to the new Casa de Murray.
Ba-da-BING, ba-da-boom baby!

Let's just say the past few weeks have been a little busy, a little full, and are only a prelude to what's coming up. Our current house? Not on the market. Not even ready to knock on the market's doors. We close in two and a half weeks, which happens to coincide perfectly with a favorite Austin event, SXSW, where we welcome seven people into our current abode. Then we turn around and sell that bad boy for lots of money.

Or at least that's the plan.

With all the loan applications, inspections, negotiations, and surprise costs I haven't even sat down to let the reality wash over me. We found this house in a day. Within half an hour of looking. Little bugger jumped us, being finished and beautiful but not listed for another two days. So we dove in head first and are now taking a quick breath.

Our house. OUR house. our house.

Those words just make me purr. Well, those words and these surfaces.

Kinda charming in the sleekest way, no?

That's a tease, I know. There'll be plenty more pics to come. But for now, I'm just soaking in my last weeks in the 'burbs.

Can I get a whu-what!?!



  1. I love the picture of the little foot! And the finishes, too. :) We have the same penny round tile in one of our bathrooms.

  2. So great! We live in Travis Heights. Congrats!!

  3. It's super cute! And I really love all the floors! They look awesome!

  4. Cute house. Love hardwood floors.

    What's your tattoo say? :)


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