Monday, October 22, 2012

A Modern Mixed Tape

I'm one of those people who play songs over and over until you just want to bash your head against the dashboard the next time you hear it on the radio. It's like kids and food. They love, love, LOVE cereal and are always running out, but it's a guarantee that as soon as you buy four boxes, it's the most disgusting thing they've ever seen. Seriously, who hasn't this happened to?

That being said, I'm trying to be adult here and grow out of this stage of musical listening, but it's hard. What's amazing is that no matter how many times I've listened to a certain playlist, I will not remember it a few months down the line. That's why mix cd's were so important to my individual history. Yet, being a technologically developed gal and all, I don't really do those anymore.

So what happens when I upgrade computers and save the playlists?! Who knows! I sure as one never find them, and too many memories of dances, kisses, tears, and simply times have been lost to the great technological abyss. I may be technologically developed in some ways, but computers and memory and the internet are simply magic. Magic, I say!

In an attempt to keep these treasured goods in the family to be passed down for generations to come, I am going to document them on this here blog. There's nothing sweeter than finding a forgotten song, cranking it loud, and being transported to a time (such as this) that helped shape you. So this is my mixed tape for me.

{need help deciphering? just ask!}

Remember, sharing is caring. The best part of posting my tunes on here is getting some back from you! So please, do tell- What songs can you not get enough of? Do any of these jingles get your toes tapping too? Do you love dancing around blasting old mixes? Do you still make cd's so that you can always have a hard copy to love on? 

I love hearing new music and returning to some throwbacks, so spread the love!



  1. Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, and Florence and the Machine are always playing on the IPod around here! We just saw Mumford and Sons, Gentlemen of the Road, in Dixon, IL this past August (we are about an hour and a half east of there). They were amazing!

    We listened to the album Sigh No More all the time right after our second son was born. I think it will always take me back to that time.

    1. It's so special having memories linked to songs just because they can seriously transport you right back. It's so strong it's almost bittersweet to me sometimes. I think my next one will be my pregnancy mix just so I have it down. I don't know how old your littlest is, but mine must have heard Gotye in-utero more than any other voice next to mine! The radio stations were out.of.control. Even more so than me!

      I just saw Florence and the Machine and The Lumineers at ACL. Both were fantastic. Any songs from other bands that you're loving right now? Seems like I might like some of yours!


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