Monday, October 29, 2012

Shameless Plug For Dex

Getting in to the election spirit and looking for a vote you can get behind?

**Disclaimer: We, for a week, are going to be those annoying parents that ask you to vote for their amazingly adorable child. Yes, it's like spam to the eyes, but it must be a love so blinding that we are unable to stop, so maybe the best thing to do is just vote and make us super happy and we will thank you endlessly instead of bugging?!**

So here's the deets:

First round is reader's favorites so all you have to do is go to the following link, click on "Vote For Me", enter some code they show you (might be an ad but not spam), and bada-bing, bada-boom, YOU VOTED!


If he makes it through, he wins a prize. The photo is then judged for attractiveness, personality, and quality. And as the photo says clearly enough, our beautiful boy is chock full of personality and expressions. Shoe-in, I say.

We are asking with lots of "prettys" and "pleases" for a week of daily voting. Possibly on each of your browsers. Possibly on each of your devices. Possibly with some sharing on the side if you find him so extremely photogenic that you just can't BARE to not spread the joy and smiles and giggles to others. Just pass on this link!

Thank you SO much for reading, voting, loving us, loving him, and just being awesome. 

You all rock!



  1. You gonna put up a reminder every day? I'm happy to vote, but don't know if I'll remember!

    1. Yes, yes I will :) Gives me a mission all week!


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