Thursday, October 18, 2012

To My Mister, On His Birthday

{It's hard to write this in a cheese-less, vegan-friendly way because my heart just wants to wax on and on about what a spectacular human being he is. But, it being his birthday and all, I decided that he kind of deserves to read a nice thing or two about himself. So in the spirit of keepin' things real and celebrating P, I'm taking heart to paper screen. I'll just try to keep it more of a feta and less of an in-your-face bleu.}


Thank you for being born. I know you had quite the hand in it, so hats off to you. Thank you as well for moving to Austin, buying a house, and opening up a room to strangers. Without all those steps, I'd be a rich, happy lady missing the best piece of my soul. I'm pretty sure fate led the way for us and our intersecting paths. That fate is a sneaky one. It had me all fooled that you were nothing but a friend, that I'd live in Austin for a year, that I was going to have some amazing single girl times, then BOOM! Love. Thank goodness I caught on to it and dropped subtle hints that let you know what a triumphant couple we'd be. (You're welcome, you're welcome. You wake up and sing hallelujah EVERY SINGLE DAY for this fact, I know.)

Anyway, I'm beyond glad our story unfolded as it did. You're my rock, my best friend, and on more occasions than you should probably let happen but of which I'm so thankful for, my enabler to being lazy. You balance out my soul, desires, fears, and passions in a way I could never have expected.

You helped create, according to unbiased four-year-old Thomas, "the cutest baby in the whhhhole world!" Gotta give you some props for that one. Plus, you are following through and actually taking care of him, pretty darn well in fact. So please, I will now let the world know that you are an excellent hands-on dad, and I wouldn't trade you for anyone, not even Mr. Ryan Gosling himself.

But the most important act currently in our day-to-day existence is that you are our provider. You allow me to stay home and raise our child, to experience his first laughs, toe touches, and pterodactyl squawks as they come. This gift is more precious than any monetary good I could find and somehow I take it for granted far too often. (Now mind you, I haven't gone to the luxury stores yet...So thank you, from both Dex and I (well, I at least HOPE that boy agrees), for giving us this opportunity that we will carry through our lives.

While there are about a gazillion more wonderful aspects to you, some of which I know and many of which I have yet to learn, I will leave it at that. Today I celebrate your spirit, accomplishments, and life while looking forward to the decades of experience ahead. 

Happy birthday love. Thank you for sharing your heart and journey with me. 



  1. Such a loving tribute! Happy birthday to Peyton!

    1. Thanks! I think it was a good one. Topped it off with some Grey's Anatomy, what could be better for a guy right? ;)

  2. This is a sweet post. I am following you now. Did you know you are a no reply commentor? Do you know what that means?

    Look at this post and let me know if this makes sense. You need to change your setting and you will get many more comments.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I didn't know what that was and just changed it. Where in Texas do you live?? I was just reading that you were in this huge state, but couldn't see where. We are Austinites for now.

      Hope you have a good weekend too!


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