Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black and Purple

We're pulling for you Ravens. 

Last year Mr. Declan wasn't here to bring you luck, but tonight he'll be hugging his Ravens blankie close while his stuffed Poe lets out the occasional "Ca-caw!"

Let's hope that's all you needed.
Well, that and those new players who've done you well. 
And the extra year of experience. 
And Ray Lewis' impending retirement. 

There are SO many reasons why you should win. 
And I really, really, really hope you do. 


On that slim chance that you don't, I want to remember just how proud we've been all week.
How much excitement and unity you've brought to your city.
How it branches to Ravens nests nationwide.
How an eleven-year-old boy in Austin, Texas has worn Ravens gear religiously the past few months.

Mostly, I just want to bottle up that jolt that went through each and every one of us when time stopped. 
When the ball flew impossibly high, dropped into Jones' hands, and ended up in the end zone.
Absolutely glorious.
An incredible game that still makes me cry one week later. 
It was beautiful, amazing, and impossible. 

Last week you made the impossible happen.
We will not forget.

And even though we will love you no matter what happens-

Please, oh, please, go show Brady that it's possible again. 


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  1. I'm just preparing you for this because you're about to be really disappointed in me, but this is a conversation I really had.

    Shay: "how was the superbowl party?"
    Amy: "good, good, good.."
    Shay: "I had not idea the Ravens were a football team."
    Amy: "me neither.."


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