Thursday, January 17, 2013

To Simply Be

Sometimes it is necessary to sit in silence.

To let the weight of sound roll off of you, leaving a low hum in its place.

Free from television and music, laughing and gossiping, dog nails clicking on the hardwood or cars driving by.

Temporarily released from the everyday demands of life, the joys of existence.

To simply be. 

No doing, watching, cooking, waiting. 

No thoughts of capture this, soak that in, be present, be involved. 

Those are good. They are necessary. But so is a pause. 

A pause that holds time.

Within it are my baby's calming breaths and swallows as he nurses, the innocence of the nursery objects so lovingly chosen, the dog at my feet, the comforting warmth in my arms. 

In this moment I am completed by his uncomplicated need for me and the love I get in return. 

I am fresh, new, whole.

This is his gift to me.

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  1. hard to do sometimes....

    ...that was the thing about nursing the little ones.....especially with the just stopped everything else and be there with the little one...

  2. Yes to every word of this. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to convey the intimacy and the magic of these moments. This is beautiful.


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