Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

While most bloggers out there managed to celebrate Christmas, make a post delivering the aftermath to all, then clear out and clean out as they headed in to 2013, I just finished looking through our pics yesterday. That's right, Christmas cheer is still alive and well in my heart, if only because I was just too lazy to deal.

So while it may already seem like it was forever and a day ago, I'm going to take a walk back on good ol' Kris Kringle Memory Lane.

Let's start with a little bit of Christmas Eve. Snow-filled, friend-filled, food-filled loveliness.

{he was very pleased to meet mr. howdy doody}

Our stockings were then hung by the chimney with care, stories were read, heads were kissed, and dreams of who knows what whirled through a certain little mind.

Christmas thus began and ended beautifully, a perfect first for our little boy.

{more to come on our fantastic mr. fox}
{sorry for the crazy face... I love Declan's too much not to share :)}

Merry Christmas January 18th to all, and... 



  1. Declan looks so adorable! Is it me, or does he look a lot like you?

    These are wonderful pictures! I really like the picture of the Christmas tree outside the french doors....

    It looked like a nice warm and cozy time. Memory lane is a fun trip....

    Thanks for sharing.


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