Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Snow Day

While the north is slammed with cold weather and pockets of snow, I waver between jealousy and a desire to frolick in the 70 degree bliss we are in. 
But it's unnatural, this weather, being that it's January and all.
And it feels especially unnatural when I have no reasons not to go rake leaves.

So the best compromise I can find is procrastinating from executing that horrible chore while reliving Declan's lovely first snow. 

Brings back the jealousy.

Wishin' we were there,



  1. I love the photo of him in his snow gear, with someone holding him in flip flops and shorts with their coat!

  2. SOOOO cute! He is adorable in his snow gear.

    I live in Chicago and my almost one year old has yet to have his first snow day. Something is wrong with this! We actually had some snow yesterday but not enough to even cover the grass.


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