Thursday, February 14, 2013

Show Us Some Skin!

During my prolonged college career I switched majors four times. While I ended up with kinesiology, women's studies still holds a place deep in my heart. It called to me, and we courted, but then I realized that the more I knew about society's abundant inequalities the more bitter I became. Not the person I longed to be, my friends. So that affair sailed away.

But those few years of classes were such a groundbreaking experience for me in many ways. I learned how to properly analyze, to question what is assumed to be the norm, and to accept that people truly come in all shapes and sizes. 

Our culture sets standards for both men and women that are unrealistically high but typically are even higher for women. We all know that body image is a huge deal to chicas all over, causing daily suffering with extremes of eating disorders and plastic surgery. It is a sad, sad world we live in when people can't feel comfortable with who they are, especially when they are healthy individuals both inside and out. 

Because of this, I was interested to see this link that shows where our "beautiful" comes from. 

The answer? Photoshop. 

Okay. So maybe we have heard this a time or two, but it still helps me to see just how much the computers do. To remember that these are real people with loads of veneer on top. To see that our unattainable pop culture goals are unattainable because they are fake. 

We should probably take a stand against these things. Any of us might have a daughter who will feel inadequate before she's even hit puberty or a son who expects women to have teeny-tiny ribs, big chests, and not a spot on their face. Who knows if taking action would change these standards. But I am pretty sure that many of us would feel a bit more beautiful seeing that our smile lines and arm flab are normal and real. 

And to get in on this day of hearts, we wish all of you lovelies a very happy Valentine's Day. 
Here's a little chuckle from our house to yours. 

And as an added bonus, check here for some adorable kiddos spilling a bit about young love. 
I especially like the laugh 1:20 in.

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