Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Goals for 26

Isn't resolution-making just a teeny bit fun? Don't you get giddy when you make the golden goal that you actually keep or at least laugh at the absurdity of some of your aspirations? Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking there must be something addictive in the process of resolution-creating since most people make them and then quickly forget. It's even just satisfying to go back like a journal: see where you were in life, what you were focused on, figure out what you are and aren't good at, and just learn to accept simple things about yourself.

So I'm pretty glad that I wrote these little goobers last year. Here's a quick rundown:

1. Organize the house.... somewhat.
2. Keep the house clean.... somewhat.
3. Walk with Peyton at least 4 times a week.... hahaha.
4. Take more pictures.... CHECK!
5. Blog said pictures.... mini check!
6. Be better about friend's birthdays.... somewhat.
7. Join a CSA or plant a garden.... check!
8. Don't just pin, DO!.... somewhat.
9. Stick to a budget.... Not laugh worthy, but somewhat is a bit too kind too.
10. Improve landscape.... somewhat. 

Yeeeea girrrrl! 3/10 checks?! Maybe I just have low expectations, but I think that kind of rocks. I mean, writing these is one thing, actually putting them into action? Puh-lease. We all know what happens when that's the next step.

And beyond that, there is not a resolution on my list that hasn't had some improvement. Parts of the house are much more organized and much cleaner; we walk more than we used to; when I look around I see quite a few crafty pinspired creations; and we just had a landscaper come in to help give us estimates! So what if they aren't all checks?! I'm still pleased as punch that they were not long forgotten and truly laughable.

And now comes the learning part. While I am clearly excited by my barely adequate follow-through of last year's hopes, I also see that maybe I was a bit too focused. Since we were able to scratch each one to some degree, maybe the key for me is to be a bit broader. So what, in my 26th year, will make me happiest?

1. Creating.
I'd like to spend an hour a day doing something creative, whether that be crafting, cooking, or writing. I always feel rejuvenated after getting those juices flowing. 

2. Exercising.
30 minutes a day. Can be any form, from stretching to walking to yoga to strength. Just something physical to get the blood pumping. 

3. Cleaning.
Not giving up on this bad boy! But I'm going to count tidying up and working outdoors too so as not to overwhelm myself too much. An hour a day, maaaybe? 

Hopefully these will give me a few simple ideas when I'm sitting around bored, as well as make me feel more accomplished at the end of the day. I think stay-at-home-momdom can leave one feeling a little lackluster, especially since the work done is often unquantifiable and rarely rewarded. Now I have a tiny checklist for a few gold stars.

Now what about you fine friends. Any new years resolutions? Do you like big and broad, or specific and narrow? Are you a rare bird that actually follows-through?! If so, please dish. Any advice is appreciated.



  1. I think any goals you check off (even if they have "somewhat" been accomplished) is a success! Good for you!

    And I like to be as specific as possible in hopes of making them more achievable. I have yet to be really successful at achieving the resolutions I make for myself every year but this year I actually wrote them down and have been participating in a link up to make myself more accountable. Seems to be helping so far (even though it's only been a month).

    Good luck!

  2. such good inspiration! so glad you stopped by my blog :)


  3. I've never been much for New Year's resolutions. However I am thinking on actually writing some goals (I know, more than a week into February already!) I know I need to do some things to change my life to be happier. So I'm going to give it a whirl. One of the blogs that I read that gave me some ideas was this one

    Her January 3rd post has a download of a star chart! LOL


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