Saturday, February 9, 2013

Housing a Secret

I've got a little secret...

We put a bid in on a house yesterday.

Wanna see...?
It may not be everybody's cup o' tea, but we think it's adorable and charming and drips Austin out of it's mortar. Plus it's in the city, walkable to parks, a library, and a drive-in movie theater. Because, as we all know, walking distance to a drive-in is clearly an important key to house-hunting.

Anyway, we were pretty hooked. So much so that we offered loads of money to someone right now while promising to pay LOADS more for the next thirty years. I might be freaking the freak out if I thought this was actually going to go through. But you know, I'm sure we will get the call that five other people want this same house and are willing to give up their third and fourth children to get it. (And peeps, that ain't an option here. We are having a girl come hell or high water.)

In reality... I'm more than a bit antsy. You know, checking my email like a fat kid hit the stores when Twinkies went under and losing sleep over whether or not there is a spot for a refrigerator. (Because it makes total sense to gut and redo a house without a spot for a fridge. Sane moment, Christina, sane moment.)

After not taking pics during our pre-listing glimpse the other day, I sat around all morning refreshing the computer to see if dream house number 1 had been listed. It, of course, had not, and our realtor still had no word. So instead of eating good, healthy food, I drank coffee and chewed my nails and refreshed, refreshed, refreshed.


By 10:30 the caffeine had hit and I was like a hamster on a wheel. Except sitting. And not being productive. Or releasing any nervous energy. So when the call came in that it was time to go, my jittery, coffee-filled, empty-stomached self was barely containable. Not the best way to start your second date with the house you're trying hard to woo, but it seemed to take it in stride. We looked good together, even it could see that.

So we bid. And now sit around waiting to hear that we didn't get it. Or that we did!! That can happen too, right?! I mean, people live in houses so it MUST happen on occasion. It's totally nerve-wracking, but probably not even close to as much as it will be if and when we realize we have to actually move. That's the hyperventilate, procrastinate, and become a hoarder type of nerve-wracking.

Fingers crossed over here! What about you? Remember the first time you bought, or tried to buy, a house?? Was it sweaty palm induced panic or hours spent perusing Pinterest for decorating ideas?

Cheers to happy weekending!



  1. I thought you already owned a house! It was nerve wracking for sure when I bought my house! And I was all alone, ended up at the doctor's office with heart palpitations at one point! LOL

    Have never had to do it again, sold hubby's condo, and renovated my house. Will purchase property for retirement at some point, may or may not already have a house on it!

    Good luck to you!

  2. We do actually own this one, but Peyton bought it about 10 years ago so I missed out on the whole experience. This will be our first together, whether this one or another! Thanks :)

  3. I can't wait to hear the news on the house! That seems quick! :). Before we bought our first condo we lost another condo to someone else....I was so upset I all worked out in the end, though. Good luck

  4. How exciting! Nothing beats the experience of buying your first house together! :)


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