Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Funday

Oi. Monday morning after a long night. The birds chirping and the sun slowly rising are beautiful and all, but it's like they are rubbing the roughness of the last six hours in my face. Besides me feeling a bit negligent right now and wanting to hug my baby a bit tighter, all is well and he is fast asleep. But still. OI to Mondays!

Luckily I have a good weekend behind me complete with pictures to look back on. That makes even the worst Monday shine a bit brighter. 

Saturday was one of those much needed rest days where besides going to music class, the three of us just holed up at home. After being out of the house for seven out of the past nine nights, I was so ready for this breed of relaxation. Home-cooked meals, a nap with the baby, and snuggling to finally catch up on last week's Downton hit the spot. 

Sunday was the opposite, but also so good.

We began with chais and mochas by Town Lake to bid farewell to the lovely Matt and Molly, some of our absolute favorites. 

{declan was not too pleased to hear those two were leaving}
The plan is for them to move here, have lots of babies, and hang out with me and Declan all day. 
Sounds perfectly reasonable and totally awesome, right?

Declan then squeezed in a nap to get his game face on for a fundraiser done the proper Austin way.
Indoor/outdoor bar, Fritos pie in a bag, raffles, and live music. Who could ask for more?!

Well, we could. That's why we got some Elyse, Dianna, raffle prizes, and moscow mules in red mugs,
with a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" thrown in for good measure.

I had my eye on one prize and one prize only- a $100 gift certificate to Midtown Groom & Board. A ninety-pound german shepherd's shedding is nothing to mess with. It is massively complex and leaves little Tegan dogs in each and every corner. And yes, maybe if I brushed her more than every month or so it would get better and maybe it also wouldn't take an hour each time.

But I don't. 
I've come to accept this, and so should you Peytonia! 

When I saw this package I knew it was going to be mine. That was until some dude named John went up to claim it, and my dream three days of clean, groomed Tegan blew away in the wind. But fate is fate and I knew I couldn't let it go that easily. So up I marched to this John fellow, Tegan picture in hand, with a story of how my marriage would fail if my tyrannical husband had to deal with any more fur from that dog. (Not necessarily false, might I add.) And ya know what? He didn't even have a dog, didn't want to hear my story, and just gave the whole box to me! I consider this to be the best weekend gift of any February 17th ever. 

Declan also had some fun sharing a little two-step with the lovely Miss Kim. 

F-U-N. Written all over his little-man face. 

The night ended as Elyse celebrated the raffle she excitedly won but actually didn't by buying a round of shots for all. Poor friend. What are the chances of having more than one Elyse in a room of thirty people?!

So all in all, we had a fantastic time enjoying our city, our friends, and our prizes, but also knowing that our money was going to help the fight against muscular dystrophy. For that I say, winner, winner, tofu dinner!

How was your weekend? Any fun shenanigans? Ever won an awesome raffle prize or just been given it for asking?? You should try. It's pretty grand.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Mmmmm Moscow Mules! One of my favorite drinks:)

  2. Cute family! Hope there's a lot more like you in Austin- we just found out we're moving there this summer. Looks like an awesome city!

    xoxo gay


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